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october 21, 2018


hello diary.

i promise one day i’ll be good about writing consistently

or maybe i won’t

i really can’t make commitments for my future self like that


i was really productive today!

will and i moved our living space around and now i have my own little work space! i’m so excited to have my own little area to create. i feel way more at home and balanced.

we cleaned and organized a bunch. i set up my agenda for the week – i have so much planned.

i already have a weekly tarot post queued up for tomorrow morning! and a posting schedule for this week!

i really want to get back i blogging consistently

i’m working on it, i swear.

so. some goals for tomorrow:

• wake up by 6am

• take a morning walk

• FAFSA (stop putting it off!!!)

• grocery shop finally

• take all my meds on time

very manageable.


i’m hoping to hear back about a second job this week (fingers crossed; good vibes!)

anyways im off to sleep in my cozy little nest of blankets.

goodnight diary


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