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week ahead tarot (10/21/18)

happy monday!

so i did another tarot spread for ~the week ahead~ and here it is!

goal for the week: knight of wands

what i need to focus on: the empress

what i need to work on: two of wands

i’m really stoked for all the exciting energy coming my way. the knight of wands is taking charge and putting plans into action

i took all day today to clean up my living space and even created a little workspace for myself! i’m super excited

the empress reminds me that i’m surround by the divine feminine energy and the love, compassion, and empathy that comes with.

for the focus for this week? choosing a path! a fork diverges in a road and all that jazz. both options seem wonderful and tempting but it’s time for me to make up my mind about where i want to go!

i’ve been standing still for a really long time and i’m ready to start taking some steps towards a better future again

earlier this month is was thinking about 5 year goals.

i started stressing and feeling overwhelmed by how much i wanted to see myself accomplish. but when i look back, the goals i set for myself 5 years have all been accomplished.

i made it.

i did it.

at the time i was 17 with so many negative thoughts and illnesses. i never thought i’d see the day i’d be happy, successful, and thriving at 22. i know i still have a ways to go; but i’ve definitely been taking steps and i can see how i’ve grown.

i’m looking forward to the week ahead and everything it has in store for me


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