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“currently reading” and “to be read” lists

hey book nerds; how’s it going?

happy friday everyone – i hope your week has been lovely and you have an amazing weekend ahead of you.

for today’s bookclub i want to talk about all our bookish lists. our currently reading lists or our to-be-read lists.

i know not that long ago i said that my currently reading book would be “slaughterhouse five” and i mean it totally still is… i’m about half way through it and really enjoying it and i’m sure i’ll post a review/general thoughts about it in the near(ish) future.

but i’m also reading “wheels of life: a users guide to the chakra system” (again). i read it about five years ago and something in the universe (my tarot cards actually) told me i needed to revisit it; so here we are.

also, what that means is my next cozy blogging post will probably be about cozy witchcraft and magick.

if you’ve heard the words “chakra” or are interested in our chakra system i HIGHLY recommend this books. it’s a nice little road map to our inner energy field. and wow it helps me feel closer to the divine balance of it all.

i’m currently working to balance my chakras – especially by opening my lower three even more (i need a good foundation; i’m getting off balance). and this book is an excellent form of guidance.

some other books i’m either in the middle of or hope to pick up soon (in no particular order):

1. “root” by melissa m. tripp — i’m about halfway through this lovely collection and i can’t wait to talk about it at length in a review! melissa tripp has such an incredible way of crafting emotions. i highly recommend it even if you’ve never been the biggest fan of poetry – it’s refreshing and heartwarming.

2. “the sun and her flowers” by rupi kaur — the follow up book to the instant classic “milk and honey” !!! it’s been sitting on my shelf in a pile of to-be-read books for MONTHS now and i just haven’t gotten around to it but i’m so excited. rupi kaur is incredible and i highly recommend her work! (its amazing to see woc poets talk about their personal experiences!! i feel seen and validated and a little less lonely in the world)

3. “one flew over the cuckoos nest” by ken kesey — i’m literally half way through this book and i started it in february. so um… oops

4. the works of sappho — i’m gay

5. “the chaos of longing” by k.y. robinson — more poetry books by self-published / indie authors??? check them out seriously these individuals are amazing!

6. “welcome to ghost town” by gretchen gomez — another woc poet and, honestly, my personal favorite. her debut “love, and you” won my heart so quickly. i smiled, i cried, i found myself.

7. “the subtle art of not giving a fuck” by mark manson — just something i need to work on

8. “the happiness project” by gretchen rubin — i like self-help books what can i say?

9. “turtles all the way down” by john green — i’ve been a fan of john green since “looking for alaska” (my all time favorite book btw) i haven’t had a chance to pick this one up yet but i’ve heard some excellent recommendations for it!

10. “dropkick romance” but cyrus parker — another poetry book! (i have a type) i’m actually really excited to read this; i’ve read snippets that he posts on his twitter and instagram and i’m already so invested in his story.

i know, a lot of poetry and self-help. i’m going through it right now.

and i know, i didn’t list any amanda lovelace – only because “mermaid” hasn’t come out yet and i’ve already read “witch”


11. “to make monsters out of girls” by amanda lovelace — i forgot this book already debuted!!!! it’s been sitting in my goodreads list for ages and i completely forgot! that’s definitely one of my next purchases!!! i always recommend her books!

so there you go theydies and gentlethems.

what are you reading?

what are some of your faves that YOU highly recommend?

drop some ideas in the comments for me – i love adding things to my book lists!

happy readingxx


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