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friday november 16, 2018


good evening diary, how have you been?

i’ve been… scattered. obviously i guess since i haven’t been posting much. this week kind of wiped me out.

i started group therapy on monday! it’s actually been… really good for me. i feel safe and secure and… valid. it’s helping. i’m healing. and i have like 7 weeks left in my program so hey who knows how amazing i’ll feel by the end of it.

i updated my home page here and worked on a lot of art today! it was very cathartic (and fun!!!) to paint again. i miss doing art everyday..

i had a manic episode thursday and cut my own hair so that’s been… interesting. and my doc started me on new med to help me sleep but it’s giving me weird loopy dreams and i’m super sleepy and groggy when i wake up… but it knocks me the fuck out that’s for sure lol

speaking of which, i can feel it kicking in so i’m gonna go get cozy in bed.

i promise to write more this upcoming week

goodnight diary


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