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wednesday january 16, 2018


hi diary

life’s wild

so i guess here’s the latest update:

my parents are helping us by a travel trailer and my love and i will be living in the property behind my parents. we’ll have our own safe space and any help if we need it until we get our feet on stable ground. PLUS once we pay it off and have enough stored away we can go wherever we want! we can travel all over in our tiny little home! i’m excited for this next chapter of our adventure.

i’m going to start fully dedicating myself to my art and really invest in my etsy shop. i can’t wait to see what this year brings.

i still have plans to self publish my poetry collection and i want to make 75 sales on etsy this year! i’m also starting book club this saturday!

i really need to blog more.

i’ll work on it.

for now i’m just happy we’re getting our own space.

hopefully everything will be situated by the end of this month… i’m sure i’ll be a bit frazzled until then, honestly.

it’s hard being here but it’s also hard being separated from my loves.

i’m just ready to have a home.

i’ll write more soon.



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