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wednesday february 6, 2019


anyways i’m wavy

i painted a lot today and did yoga, meditation, AND hooping. i feel powerful.

i also set up some new sobriety clocks and i’m determined to do this…. again…. i guess…

here we go. but forreal this time i guess.

i’m trying okay.

i think….. i need to stop planting seeds in other people’s gardens. i’m maintaining my peace. i need to grow MY peace; MY garden.

bitch….. i think i had a GOOD day. i haven’t said that sincerely in a LONG ass time…. but i feel so easy. so flowy. so open and whole.

i started 3 new canvases today!!!

i think…. i think i’m getting better by myself. mySELF.

i don’t know yet. we’ll see.


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