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thursday february 14, 2019

9:25 pm

happy valentine’s day theydies and gentlethems 💕💭

i love the ruby to my sapphire. ❤️💙


the weather here has been so dreary. but tomorrow is date night! my love and i always celebrate valentines on the 15 to get discount chocolate 🍫💝

last year we bought a giant ass stuffed bear and it’s… amazingly cozy.

i’ve been having a bit of an ~off~ week and i’m really looking forward to a day with my lover. i just feel so…. uneasy lately. i swear….. it’s the weather…. at least…. i hope.

every time i have a bad day i get terrified that i’m starting to spiral. but… i don’t think that’s it this time around. i feel more stable, more coherent, more self-aware. but i haven’t even being doing yoga — but i have been doing a tarot of the day — but i haven’t been getting my steps in — but i have been drinking a lot of water. so. um. balance. ⚖️💭

it’s been a wild one.

i’m thankful for where i am though.

i’m going to keep climbing.

love and light


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