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friday february 15, 2019


i’m currently wine drunk and listening to the jonas brothers so…. cheers to that.

this week was pretty hectic tbh. not bad… just… a whirlwind.

my girl has been staying with me and my lover so our tiny home has been pretty crowded. i love both my babes but i like the quiet and peace of solitude sometimes.

but i had a hell of a lot of fun this past week honestly.

happy drunk 🍷❤️💭 —

but… ready for sobriety.

i feel a little disconnected lately.

blame it on the rain

but i’m ready to do better

the weekend is for prep and then monday i’m running

i’m going back to the gym and going back to doing yoga everyday and going back to feeling good everyday

i just want to feel proud of myself when i go to bed

i’m hoping for the best. and i’m going to work for the best. i’m going to put my ALL into this.

i’m going to redefine self love for myself.

i’m going to build my own happiness.

i’m gonna do my best y’all, i really am.


today my love and i celebrated our february 15th tradition!

discount chocolate and teddy bears and pizza and wine — my lovebug.

it’s been gloomy here lately but i have a literal (figurative) ray of sunshine with me at all times with my william next to me.

(also my cat; my cat makes things better)

weekends are hard hard because the parents are in the front house more because they have weekends off and like yea i get it it’s their house but it really ruins my flow and my routine. i like to be out in the sunshine but i get….. the anxiety. when others are around.


my baby is telling me it’s bedtime

i guess we’re off to the dream world for a while.


holy moly diary i’ve never told you about dream world. i guess i’ll make that a story for another time…… wild.

goodnight babes



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