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sunday march 3, 2019



3 day

3 month

3 year

(2019 -> 12 -> 3)

i tweeted at exactly 3:33pm and i feel powerful LOL


hey diary, how’s it going.

this is the first good day i’ve had in a long time.

i did a tarot spread for the week ahead again! it’ll be posted tomorrow morning!

it’s so…. empowering.

i talked to my hair babe about how i’m gonna do my hair once i get *steady* MONEY

i’m…. stoked. hyped; even.


i WROTE today!

like actual pen to paper…

and it felt so


i feel better

more at peace

more myself

like a blockage has been cleared and i’m flowing more in tune with myself

i am here and i am me and i am now

i feel better today. i really do. i wrote and spent quality time with my tarot cards and had a lovely relaxing sunday with my teeny family in our tiny home. i really don’t know what else i’ve been looking for.

why have i felt so… discontent?

everything i need is here. now.

i am here and i am safe and i am whole.




we’re not just surviving anymore.

we’re thriving.

this is uncharted territory and i’m… unsteady. i’ve never done this before. but i’ll learn. i’ll figure it out. i’ll grow.


i even… applies for some jobs today…. and looked into seeing a new therapist.

i’ve been taking all my meds (and on time!!!) and i’ve been eating better and staying hydrated…

i’m really trying.

i’m really doing this.

i’m really ready now.

goddess help me; lol.

goodnight loves. goodnight diary. goodnight moon.



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