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tarot for the week ahead (3/4/2019-3/10/2019)

happy monday theydies and gentlethems! don’t forget to work your hardest this week to make everyday your best day yet!

here’s our spread for the week ahead:

i’m honestly blown away by this spread — just the initial energy of the cards feels like a solid blessing ✨🌷

let’s see —

• goal for the week: nine of pentacles

⁃ the nine of pentacles is sign of success — either current or soon to come! celebrate your achievements and know that this card represents an accomplishment of your own merit. YOU did this. YOU made it here. YOU are the reason for your success and happiness. celebrate yourself. create your own little world and thrive.

• what to focus on (intention): page of cups

⁃ inspiration and creativity flow abundantly through the page of cups. if you’ve been stuck in a rut this is your sign to try a new craft, a new adventure. let your inspiration take you away and color your own world.

• what to work on (action): judgement

⁃ the judgement card has a way of being misunderstood (usually because of the original artwork of the rw deck*) but this card usually represents inner judgement and self-criticism. it’s a reminder to dance to your own tune — to make your own music — to go with your own flow. don’t let other peoples criticism, or your inner criticism, to weigh too heavily on you. this is a sign a renewal; rebirth.

an amazing insight into what could show up to be an amazing week.

take some time to step out of your comfort zone this week and try something new! maybe try a new craft or hobby — somewhere you can let your creative energy flow. let go of old grudges and hang ups and dance to your own beat. you made it. you accomplished the first part of your journey. now celebrate and keep pushing forward 💜💭

it seems to me that many blessings will be headed our way this week lovelies, keep your heads up and keep moving forward.

love and light,


original rider waite artwork*

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