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i was supposed a record a nice cute lol video diary / vlog thing last night to post today but uhhhhh i didn’t. i’m so bad at being consistent but i wanted to post SOMETHING about my day

so this was it! a cute little clip of me and belle and some glorious pics of a sunset with my bff


i had my intake appointment at the behavioral health hospital today. i was… so scared honestly. anxiety the whole time. but… i got into the PHP and it’s five days a week and i’m…. nervous but hopeful. i think this is going to be okay. i just… i just need a little extra help. and i’m trying to remind myself that that’s okay.

of course it’s okay.

just keep going; just keep growing


next week i promise to have a REAL video recap of my week and an agenda for the following week! it’ll be great i swear i’m going to be consistent


much love


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