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thoughts (so far) on “love, and you”

welcome back HomeBrew Book Club members; how was your week?

personally, mine was hectic as hell and i barely squeezed in any time for reading — i feel so guilty! but i did restart on our book “love, and you” by gretchen gomez and i thought i’d share my “so far” thoughts with you and maybe even try to come up with some discussion prompts so you all can join in on book club!

keep in mind: my book club posts are NOT “reviews” i don’t believe in ~good~ or ~bad~ writing i just have opinions on the things that work for me. so yes, there will be “spoilers” and yes, this will be biased as fuck. but hey, we’re all just supposed to be here to share our experiences and what makes these books so special to us. so let’s go!

i first found gretchen gomez (@/chicnerdreads) through a twitter friend. i was drawn to her bold and empowering personality that she holds on twitter. she’s incredibly intelligent, interesting as fuck, and blunt as hell. no holds barred. and you know i love that shit.

she’s also — an incredible poet. an amazing badass latinx from the bronx speaking her not-always-pretty truth? you know i was invested, personally, from the get go.

but then. i found her debut poetry book “love, and you” and yea i was late to the party but once i joined i felt right at home.

her writing truly embodies what the spirit of true poetry means to me — brutal honesty and openness.

these aren’t “pretty truths”

— and i won’t compare her writing to other, different poets because i think ALL poetry is a good form of expression —

but her words are REAL. and they hit me like a punch in the gut. and THAT is what i love about (what i call) “true poetry/art”.

“but what’s so special about “love, and you” what is this out very FIRST READ for your baby bookclub?”

because it embodies everything i want my bookclub (and all my other projects) to be.

it’s honest. (and you can read my super old poem about THAT here)

one of my favorite snippets from the very first few pages:


to all the younger women and teenagers out there and to 15 year old me: you deserve the world. and sometimes he can’t give it to you. so go out there. get your hands dirty. and get it yourself. own your “flaws”

do they tell you talk too much, or too loudly? speak LOUDER. make yourself heard.

gretchen gomez has this incredible way of taking a story of love and loss and heartbreak and healing and turns it into an empowering tale of GROWTH. it’s truly inspiring.

she let’s you know, in the most promising way, that sometimes it’s okay to be broken. it’s okay to need help. it’s okay to ask for help. and you know what else.

it’s okay to walk away when someone doesn’t appreciate you, or downright deserve, the love that you have in your heart for them:

my mind is my worst enemy too, gretchen, and it was healing and cathartic and an absolute blessing to have something so beautiful to empathize with. thank you for reminding me that “my worth is more than the depression that fights to hug me” a reread this line everyday.

so those are my thoughts so far. opinionated, i know.

but i want to hear from YOU! have you picked up this book yet? how did it make you feel? what resonated with you?

something i love about her poetry is how stylized it is. it has a very unique fingerprint and i love reading it – what about you? do you like the way her poetry sounds when spoken aloud? this is one of my favorites to recite from because it’s truly so moving – like casting a spell.

do you feel a connection with the tone and themes? do you like modern poetry or n general? let me know – let’s discuss!



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