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artist spotlight: Luna Margo Valentine

alright theydies and gentlethems; drumroll please!


it’s our very first artist spotlight and i’m SO EXCITED to be sharing this writer’s work! (if you’re not sure what the heck this is — check out these posts!)

our first artist is a lovely poetess who goes by the name Luna Margo Valentine.

poetess. dreamer. soft girl. strange woman.

black girl magick at its finest.

i first fell in love with Luna’s writing when i found her on twitter! (you can find her everywhere under the name @imaginarymargo!) her writing is so astonishingly beautiful, it’s truly breathtaking. she can write about the most gut-wrenching topics in such a way that you can only describe it as soft-girl magic. it’s powerful. it’s empowering.

she has two collections on twitter entitled “soft girl” and “space girl” and honestly they are more than worth the read!

soft girl is so gentle. i feel her dreams and i hope she never stops believing. i think you’ll fall in love with her and want to wrap your arms around her in the safest hug. she’s warm and inviting and a blessing to your timeline.

and space girl? “she was once a goddess, now she’s an enigma even to herself”. a breathtaking collection about loss, grief, and healing.

Luna also has a couple collections on Wattpad a handful of poignant, 6 to 10 word stories and an abundance of poetry. and of course you have to keep up with her aesthetically pleasing blog! it’s a beautiful window into an artistic world.

most importantly:

Luna is a passionate soul. a reader of words and visions and moods. she has over a handful of tumblogs and collections dedicated to the aesthetics — the feelings — they evoke. it’s beautiful to scroll through her work and admire it for all that it is. personal; truly passionate.

after all, she says, “I write poetry because it’s magical. Words have so much power and I think everything should be done with passion and with purpose behind it.”

that’s why i love and recommend keeping up with Luna, and the no-doubt brilliant things she’ll accomplish in the years to come.

make sure to keep up with all her adventures and her healing process


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