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thoughts on: “how to hug a porcupine” and announcing our next read

“How To Hug a Porcupine” was… not for me. not to say the book doesn’t contain any useful information or life tips, but i’d rather cut out a porcupine than hug one.

and yes, i get it, “there’s a little porcupine in all of us” and that’s fine. we can get defensive about ourselves, but there’s no need for extra prickly people in your life.

show those you love that you love and respect them. but don’t let others use you as a punching bag. that’s what this book made me feel. like the speaker had spent way too many years in emotionally draining relationships and is trying to keep their eyes on the bright side.

that’s all fine and dandy

but it’s not for me

this week:

we’re reading something different. i’m not in the mood for a self help book so i’m picking up a novel i’ve had on my to be read list for sometime now

“Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist”

it’s one of my lovers favorite read so i’m excited to dive into it

but what do y’all think?

should i cut out porcupine friends a little more slack? do you think i’ll enjoy my next read? let’s discuss!


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