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sunday june 2nd, 2019

8:21 pm

so what’s up diary

kiiiiiinda fucked up on the whole no smoking think today but hey i’m three days sober so i’m marking today as a solid half win

today was wild. started pretty stressy but it was mellow after a while

i didn’t get much done today. i didn’t go on my walk like usual and i haven’t even done yoga yet. but i’m determined to get some stretchies in before bed.

i think i’m going to try to read a little bit tonight too!

did i tell you i’m start “nick and nora’s infinite playlist”? i’ve never read it but it’s one of my williams faves. so i’m pretty stoked to check it out.

i got through libby!! it’s such a cute and convenient little app! i download all my e library books through there!

i’m also on a two day streak for duolingo so that’s pretty rad in my opinion

as of right now, i’m just brushing up my em spanish skills but eventually i want to incorporate daily practice e for spanish and french and i’m going to try to learn japanese! but damn bitch that shits hard.

but i feel like i owe it to my ancestors lol

that’s going to sounds really racist for those of you who are unaware that i’m half japanese


what else did i even do today????

i played a fuck ton of video games! me and william have a cute little town named bellebus in animal crossings and i’ve made so many cute animal friends.

i also slaughtered my bffs at mortal kombat X so that’s a nice balance. ya know. equanimity and all that.

tbh man.

sobriety is hard. and i’m only on day three. but… maybe that’s why it’s so hard? maybe as i go along it’ll get easier? i hope so. i think once i get a solid week of no drinking in i’m really gonna buckle down about not smoking cigarettes

that one really fucks me up bc i know it’s just my way of self harming and i need to quit but…. addicted to destroying myself.

i’m getting better tho and this month will be a great step!! ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒป

i started a daily gratitude thread on twitter! it’s been so healing. and i’ve been trying to wake up and write down an intention for the day in my planner every morning! i just need to keep myself on track.

it’s hard when i feel so scattered though. i think it might be my meds, which is okay because they’re being adjusted right now anyways.

recovery is hard.


but…. i guess it’s worth it. in the long run.

i need to go catch up some writing and then me and will are going to catch up on supernatural!!! (we’re so behind!)

goodnight diary ๐Ÿ“”


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