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the (tentatively titled) DREAMER series

i am so excited to be making this announcement: i’m starting a new series of books! tentatively titled the DREAMER series but i have this amazing world building up inside my head and i can’t wait to release it into the world. as of right now i’m hoping to have a rough draft of book one finished by the end of summer (september 1st!) and then self publish either late this year or early 2020! i’ll keep you all updated as i discover more about my characters and the world they’re plunged into.

for now — here’s what i can tell you:

our main character’s name is Katherine Grace but she goes by Kat, and only Kat. our protagonist is a well-read 19 year old who dresses like a wanna be winchester. she’s strong, resilient as hell. her favorite book is a collection of poems and essays given to her by her mother called “The Memoir of a Dreamer” she’s read it at least a hundred times and knows her favorite verses by heart.

she has a younger sister who goes by her middle and last name – Sophia Grace. sophia is like a small little sunflower soul, 12 years old.

their mom (also named Sophia) passed away giving birth to sophia grace and is the reason she goes by her middle name, it helps her feel closer to her mom.

her best friend and journey partner throughout the book is named Jason Andrews. he calls Kat “Kit-Kat” and she hates it. he has the handsome english professor vibe locked down to a science. he balances Kats emotional and creative sides with rationality and logic. they help each other solve the obstacles on their path thanks to this balance.

the story begins as any other day would — Kat has a rough day, trying to navigate her first fall without school; her first shall of what she’d like to call “adulthood”. she tucks away to read, or better, reread, her favorite book when she gets swept up into the story in an unexpected way.

as she travels through the story she finds ways to cope with her past, the struggle of growing through trauma, and learning to heal from the inside out.

i’m so excited to be pouring myself into this. i hope you’ll tag along on this journey with me!


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