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Introducing: The Home Brew

i feel like i do this at least once a month but I HAVE A NEW IDEA AND IM REALY EXCITED ABOUT IT

as some of you may know i’ve been bouncing around the idea of a bookshelf/gallery where i could host a collective of different indie art. well, i think i’m going to turn it into a monthly zine — The Home Brew

a monthly literary and art publication coming soon to a browser near you (and maybe even as a physical zine!)

The Home Brew is here to be creative cauldron of ideas. a place where the voices of those in the shadows can come together and meld into something magical.

i’m hoping to discuss topics such as:


mental health awareness

LGBTQ+ lifestyle

cozy witchcraft

modern poetry

mixed media/digital art


and whatever else we can come up with together

i’m really excited to start getting this off the ground and i need submissions! we’ll officially launch by January 2020 – but we’ll see how we do before then.

i’m so excited i’ve spent the whole day revamping the site and my social accounts to reflect the changes! i really think this is going to be the best outlet for my passions and i’m excited to share it all with you!

stay tuned for updates!


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