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august 5, 2019 — monday

5:23 pm

wow. last week was a fuckn whirlwind and that’s the understatement of the fuckn year.

i don’t even have a place to begin. it was just… *gestures vaguely*

but i got a job!!!!! and i’m supposed to start this week! so i’m really hecking determined to set up and stick to some habits and routines. i’ve got some big goals formulating in my brain and i am determined.

me and my william have both been sick but ~hopefully~ we’ll be feeling better tomorrow and i’ll get to do yoga again.

i miss daily yoga.

i miss routine. i miss stability and normalcy and security. i feel so scattered and lost and hazy. but i’m so hecking determined to pull through and plant a beautiful garden on the other side.. 🌱🖤🌻

i need sleep and rest and water ohmygoodness.

i’ll be back now, forreal this time 🌱

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