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book talk: “the bitter end” by kaliane faye

i know, i know. it’s been a while.

i took a mini hiatus from existing; but i’m back now and feeling better than ever.

or at least getting there.

this week i wanted to do a little book talk about one of my favorite poetesses Kaliane Faye!

she’s a lovely and energetic person who i found through book blogging and bookish social media. Moonrise was her debut (something i missed out on, actually) but the bitter end is her newest release and wow was it a good one!

the bitter end is a super quick and easy read and it’s very ~beginner friendly~ when it comes to modern poetry collections. while it may be a light read, it can weigh heavy on the heart.

a story of loose ends and bitter losses – it’s sure to leave an biting aftertaste on the tip of your tongue.

this collection truly encapsulates what’s it’s like to leave a chapter of your story with a bit of cliff hanger. it hits to the core for those of us who have felt a bitter ending relationship or lost a loved one in. situation that proved unfair. Kaliane writes so powerfully, so concisely, on a topic that most of refuse to touch on for fear of re-breaking our own heart.

it’s healing.

it’s cathartic.

i highly recommend y’all check this one out. it’s available on amazon and i’d love to discuss it and chat about it with you! let’s have real book talks, soon 🌱


don’t forget!

the home brew is launching this coming october! get your submissions in soon!

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