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tarot for the week ahead (8/25-8/31)

hello hello theydies and gentlethems !

how was your week? how are you feeling? have you had enough water? did you take your meds?

it’s another start to another beautiful week and we’re starting it off right this time – week ahead tarot, intentions, and affirmations.

i always use the everyday witch tarot deck and a three card spread to call guidance for a goal, some intentions, and some actions for the week!

goal: justice

intention: three of pentacles

action: the fool

i feel seen and validated by my cards.

cycles and circles and karma, oh my. i feel the end of the whirlwind coming and i feel blessed for this death and rebirth in my life.

may i be granted the strength to make it through this next week and balance the chips, however they end up falling.

my intention for the week came up as the three of pentacles – a card representative of cooperation and teamwork.

i feel like i’ve really solidified my family and my support system and i’m ready to see what magical creations we come up with together. i finally feel like i can place my trust in others. i no longer feel like i’m being emotionally manipulated at every turn. i trust MY circle.

and geez, the fool. as an action for the week? it’s gonna be a big one, folks.

time to take that leap of faith x


don’t forget! i always offer personal tarot readings for all my freelovingwitch bbies so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in!

love and light,


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