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a cute little handmade trinket dish filled to the brim with crystals and herb kits and other goodies! message me if you’re interested!!!!


so tbh,,,, i has been SLACKING. i wrote about 25k words for NaNoWriMo which is a awesome! but then i got into a bit of slump!

i think it’s that pesky time change, honestly.

but anyway i’ve had this awesome new idea and i’ve been spit balling little bits and pieces all over different social media platforms but this will be the ~official launch~ and i really feel like i’m picking up steam!

i have a ton of awesome of ideas for:

🌈 an etsy shop relaunch

🌈 a blog relaunch

🌈 starting up my diary posts bc i miss venting to y’all

🌈 2020 writing project

i’m so excited to this with you all 💜

until then,

love and light 🖤🔮💭 mmt

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