let’s talk accountability (again)

hi friends,

i know it’s been a while – and that’s part of the reason i’m writing this post.

seasonal depression hit me like a truck and i’m not really sure what to do about it.

i have so many things going on right now — so many GOOD things — and yet i have such low energy that it’s making it impossible to enjoy them. and you know, it’s really a bummer.

and at least for once i don’t feel depressed or anxious or angry at myself. i just feel sad.

but i’m here to say i’m going to try to practice what i preach.

i always talk about sprinkling positivity and healthy choices into everything you do but what the heck have i been doing?? moping. (and crying) a lot. but it’s time to be better

and yea, i know. i feel like i say this every other week but i’m done with this “fresh start monday” mentality. every day is fresh start — hell even every minute.

we are our choices, so i want to make mine count.

i’ll be getting back to my diary posts for accountability and i’ll be reorganizing my entire site. BIG CHANGES COMING SOON. FUN CHANGES TOO.

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