anyways i have anxiety.

i did a tarot reading and talked with cool people and then had a flash and then woo boy my insides are a roller coaster right now


hi i’m back i meditate for like 7 minutes and i feel,,,, better now. not necessarily ~good~ but definitely better

i think today (after sleep) i will be learning am important lesson. one that i’ve been repeating for lifetimes. but i just don’t have the energy anymore

do better now

be better now

be my best self,,, now

she lay, so small. actually i guess really she sits. but anyways

my heart hurts.’

and i feel so heavy

and my solar plexus???? wooo geez

i think there’s something deeper i’m not seeing, a piece i’m not interpreting correctly

but i can think on that tomorrow when i’m sleep sleepy.


today was cool and this lil weekend and monday was pretty neat and i have so many ideas for new projects and wow i’m amazing tbh

i know i have food things on the horizon-/ and here with me now, as well!

but sometimes shedding baggage fucking hurts. letting those muscles relax aches a little…. a lot.

whatever tomorrow i’m doing a weigh in for my lil accountability thingy and i’m unpacking some old clothes! i’m actually not even nervous just excited to see what this winter brings and what my body is capable of!

i want to be cozy in this one specific sweater again and feeling that lever of comfortable and confident in something f is what i’m truly striving for

anyways i made a schedule

and also

i really try to stay prepared

anyways i’m gonna uhhhhh go sleep now

sleep well nerds 🖤🌸🌿

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