what i learned from NaNoWriMo

so, i didn’t win NaNoWriMo this year. i made it to about 25k words and my story took a turn i wasn’t prepared for so i had to take a step back. but i did keep writing pretty consistently! and here is where i’d like to share with you the biggest things i learned from writing 1.5k words per day for a month straight!

everyone always says this but you know me, i never listen. CONSISTENCY IS KEY. you will be your own biggest enemy in this regard but no matter what it is that you’re passion about DO IT A LITTLE EVERY DAY!

also, for first drafts — don’t edit as you go! take this time to write freely, let your story come or your painting unfold naturally. turn your inner critic off and wait for draft two to start making edits.

give yourself room to make mistakes. this is basically just an addition to not editing but it’s okay if your first draft is bad!!! it really is!!!! write the worst draft you’ve ever seen if you really have to but GET THAT DANG STORY OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

of course, be patient with yourself. especially when you have lofty daily goals it’s so important to take breaks and give yourself time to rest. stretch! relax your wrists and your neck and shoulders and back if you’ve been sitting too long. drink plenty of water. eat a snack. it’s okay to go at your own pace.

and of course, my favorite tip and truck: no zero days. so what does this mean? whatever your goal is — do at least ONE thing for it every day! writing a story but feeling down? jot down a sentence. it doesn’t have to be a meaningful metaphor or beautiful analogy, just one sentence.

same concept goes for every facet of your life! trying to get fit? do one push-up. seriously, i know i doesn’t sound like a lot but it makes the difference between a slow day and an off day. and geez does that do a lot for mental health i PROMISE!

so this is my new challenge to myself:

i slowed down half way through NaNo and i’d like to challenge myself to do even better this month. instead of giving myself a word count goal i’m just going to say “post something new everyday for the month of december”

easy peasy right?

let’s hope so because as of right now i’m feeling a little overwhelmed! but if i can get one solid month of consistency and good habits under my belt i’ll be stoked!

((i also have some super secret projects in the works for 2020 and this is Phase One!))

regardless, im very excited for this last month of the decade and i’m excited to see how i grow in these next few months!

many blessings!


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