a letter to my 15 year old self


i know this past year was rough, and i wish i could tell you that it’ll ease up soon, but i think we both know you’re in for a lot of life lesson in these next few years.

but guess what baby girl, you will conquer everything that comes your way and come out stronger than you ever though possible.

don’t give up your dreams of writing and publishing. when you hit five years clean from self harm you’ll publish your first poetry collection and it will be the most wonderful experience. it’s not the first time you’ll see your name print, but it’ll be one of the most influential moments of your life.

never lose your spirit. i know your empathy has been twisted against you, but it has always been your super power. you love so deeply and so openly and it draws a lot of incredible people into your life. don’t forget to be grateful and don’t take those relationship for granted. they’ll build you back up when you’re feeling low.

hug your mom. i know that relationship isn’t always easy, but she truly does love you and always has good intentions in her heart. prepare for a lot of misunderstandings but know that you are cared for. please always remember that. tell kellen you appreciate him, too. do you remember when you first got sick and he gave the last of his halloween candy to make you feel better? hold on to that. it’s the little things that bring you two close and it always will be. buy him some carne asada fries if you can afford it and if can’t just share the last brownie with him, okay? these moments mean a lot.

more than anything, i desperately need you to know that pain is not a prerequisite for self-love and growth. you are capable of falling so deeply in love yourself no matter what. you deserve the love you give so freely to others. cherish yourself. love yourself. trust yourself. be your own best friend and know that you are worthy, always.

with all my love,


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