To Write Love On Her Arms

hi friends!

so i know that the winter months can be a lot harder for some of us, myself included, and it’s got me thinking a lot about self-reflection.

when i was younger, and even into my college years, i struggled very much with depression, anxiety, and self harm. and this time of year is especially rough with hints of the past sprinkled in traditions.

well this holiday season, and into the new year, i’d like to do something different this year and try giving back to a community that helped me a lot growing up.

so there’s this foundation that i like a lot – To Write Love On Her Arms – and from now until january 31 i’ll be raising money for them and collecting donations!

TWLOHA is a campaign to help those struggling with depression, self harm, addiction, and suicidal ideation find the resources they need.

15% of each sale through my etsy shop with go towards TWLOHA or you can donate directly here:

i’m hoping to raise $500 in total over the month and i’m very excited to have this opportunity.

please share this post or my link if you feel so inclined 🖤🌸


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