a(nother?) new beginning

wow has it been awhile! i do this quite a lot, unfortunately. i’ll be so stoked about a side project that i drop my blog all together which is super silly considering a LOVE posting updates about my projects for y’all!

so here we go a(nother) new beginning for us here. a new beginning for myself.

is that allowed? am i allowed to start and refresh myself as i go on? i think it should be. i think we should keep reinventing ourselves every step of the way. always strive to be the best version of ourself.

i’ve started a bunch of new projects that i’m really stoked about! one of them is super secret and i’m not spilling! at least not yet! it’s still got a LONG way to go but i’m trying to add new details everyday!

i’ve also relaunched The Home Brew!

don’t know what the home brew is? well, my friend, it’s a creative cauldron of indie creatives where we all get together to share our art and passion for creating! each month i publish a zine with art that’s been submitted by indie creatives and i LOVE the work i’ve been exposed to! i took a little hiatus from this project at the end of last year but we’re back in full spring starting this february!

i also went back to school this semester! i’m working towards my bachelors in sociology and then i’m hoping to get my MFT license. i’m going part time this semester to get back on my feet and i think and i hope that i’m off to a good start!

so many new things in the works and i feel truly blessed lately. seasonal depression is still hitting hard but i’m working through it and trying to make everyday my best.

how have you been lately? any new projects in the works? let me know, let’s start a conversation!


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