healing — putting in the work

so it’s official, i’m going back to therapy.
and for the first time, i’m not anxious about it. and i’m not angry about it. and i’m not dreading it.
i found someone who seems really neat and specializes in ptsd and talk therapy. and i’m hoping that our first meeting will go well. fingers crossed.
wish me luck lol

but i wanted to talk about something that i’ve been really, really bad about lately. and that’s using my illness as a crutch.
i know. it’s an issue.
but i got so caught up in saying that i couldn’t do things or losing spoons too quickly that it felt entirely impossible! but i’m started gain back my energy.
and here’s how i did.
step one: medicated and mighty
if you’re on medication i think the most important thing is just… to actually take your meds??? on time??? without other interfering substance???
(talking to you 21 y/o megan who would take her meds with alcohol.)
it’s time to get our shit together.
and i know for a lot of you these things seem simple. basic. could do it in your sleep.
but i just cane back from a trip to depression land and i accidentally forgot to shower for a week so take that!
but we’re getting back on track now.
another tip? it’s basic but stay hydrated. especially if you on a bunch of meds!!! and clean your space when you have the energy! doing the dishes is the WORST for me but when i do actually have the energy it’s best to knock it out.
having a clean living space is top notch and it totally helps with your outlook!
but, ya know, sometimes we have really bad days. and for that i say. tru to take a shower and then put on new clean jammies and get back in bed with your furbaby. sometimes we just need little comforts.
stay safe and stay cozy.

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