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welcome back to book club!

the homebrew book club is back! each week i’ll be ready a new book and chatting about here with y’all and on instagram! i’m also working with Raine Publishing to bring you the best of the best in new poetry and short stories! so you’ll get first looks at new projects by up and coming poets! i’m stoked!

this week, we’re reading Maroon Daydreams but Cheyenne Raine herself! i downloaded my copy of this book about a year ago but i never got around to reading it, truth be told. so i’m very excited to start it now and share my thoughts with all of you! make sure you also check out home brew books to stay up to date!

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healing through art

hi theydies and gentlethems i hope your week is going well! today i’d like to talk about something near and dear to my heart — healing through art 🌱🖤

so as some of you may know i just published issue one of my new zine The Home Brew! it aims to be a collective, a creative cauldron of ideas, for those living in the shadows.

the whole point of The Home Brew is to give us all a place to heal through our creative soul work! and i want to chat a little bit about that today.

art therapy is the first thing that ever clicked for me. learning to express myself through these new and creative ways gave me room to really examine my feelings and what i was going through. it gave me a place to cope and heal in a healthy, productive way.

it was messy.

i think it always will be because in general i’m just a messy person

but it was fun and it was healing and it was cathartic and it was restorative.

when i first moved into my grandmas house back when i was 19 the walls of my room were bare and empty.

i felt hallow there.

and i first i was tentative to put something that i made on my walls because i didn’t think it would be ~aesthetically pleasing~ but damn. decorating my space with my art was the best move i ever made

personal paintings and mixed media collages and just so many different types of creative expression! it gave me room to FEEL!

and that’s what i so desperately needed at the time. room to feel and process in a healthy, not-so-destructive, way.

and that’s what i hope The Home Brew can be now.

a place for indie artists to plant their first thoughts and rough drafts.

the first notes of a song. a sketch done in the corner of napkin.

a little place to feel out our emotions and share them with others.

a safe space for creatives of all kinds

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Issue One is Ready to EDIT

next week is all about editing The Home Brew issue one! if you have any last minute submissions GET THEM IN

i’m so STOKED to be sharing this with you all!

i’ll be back to regular book chats next week (i’m ready a beautiful poetry collection right now!) and i’m gonna RANT about modern poetry so stay tuned!


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the home brew – submissions OPEN

what is UP theydies and gentlethems? i hope you’re all having a lovely week.

usually today i’d do a ~cozy post~ but i’m interrupting our usual programming for an announcement from The Home Brew


(submissions are ABSOLUTELY still welcome but they will be pushed back to the second issue!)

i have received some of the most beautiful pieces of art i have ever seen, i absolutely love this. i am so excited to be able to create a community of rad human artists and creatives and give us a space to GROW as artists and as people! thank you for sharing your soul work with me!

“a monthly literary and art publication coming soon to a browser near you (and maybe even as a physical zine!)

The Home Brew is here to be creative cauldron of ideas. a place where the voices of those in the shadows can come together and meld into something magical.

i’m hoping to discuss topics such as:


mental health awareness

LGBTQ+ lifestyle

cozy witchcraft

modern poetry

mixed media/digital art


and whatever else we can come up with together”

all mediums are welcome! the submissions info is as follows:

• email me:

in the email – use the subject SUBMISSION – and include the following:

• who are you? (name, pronouns, passions, whatever you’d like everyone to know about you)

• what are you submitting? (is it a song? a poetry collection? a website? an entire soundcloud account/album? let me know) describe it!

• what’s your creative process like?

• what would you like to say about what you’re submitting

• links to promote you (blog, twitter handle, insta name, etc)

• something that makes you YOU! what is your passions what is your purpose what pushes you to create!

attach any links or files you’d like to be reviewed and anything else you’d like me to know.

let’s cultivate a space for art together 🌻


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“LET’S TALK ABOUT” by Katrina Loos — book chat and review

hey theydies and gentlethems this week i wanted to talk about a poetry collection that i had the honor of beta reading and editing! it’s a wonderful collection by Katrina Loos entitled “Lets Talk About It.” you can find her on twitter (@thekatrinaloos) and she’s also a top writer on Medium!

her writing ranges in topics: primarily medical cannabis, mental health, and healing. and this collection of poems truly embodies what i love about our freelovingwitch coven: its open, honest, and real.

it’s brave. truly.

and i can’t wait for you all to read it. you can find it on amazon in a beautifully put together paperback format with cover art designed by Katrina herself.

i’ll be talking a little more in-depth about it in a vlog tomorrow but what i want to hammer home here is how much i APPRECIATE this piece of work.

Let’s Talk About It. is brave and inspiring. it tears down the stigma around mental illness and urges us to open up and discuss topics that aren’t always comfortable.

we push on.

we grow.

we heal.

we thrive.

and growing is the hardest part. breaking down is easy — the growth period is what’s hard. we have to confront things we’ve been burying or hiding for so long and actually put in the work to heal them. and if there’s any peace i can give to katrina it’s that healing isn’t linear. and it takes time. but your bravery helps others find comfort in speaking out and your bravery in itself is inspiring.

like katrina writes “this book is for the one/ who yearn to translate/ their anxiety into words/ but don’t know how it’s done”

i truly think it’ll be a revelation for some.

opening up can be the best form of healing. breaking down barriers and stigmas in the mental health community is crucial for growth and writers like katrina are leading the way.

so let’s talk about it:

have you checked out this collection yet? what did you think? what else have you been reading lately? what coping skills do you keep in your tool box for when your anxiety flares up? what helps you heal?

stay safe and stay strong.


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book talk: “the bitter end” by kaliane faye

i know, i know. it’s been a while.

i took a mini hiatus from existing; but i’m back now and feeling better than ever.

or at least getting there.

this week i wanted to do a little book talk about one of my favorite poetesses Kaliane Faye!

she’s a lovely and energetic person who i found through book blogging and bookish social media. Moonrise was her debut (something i missed out on, actually) but the bitter end is her newest release and wow was it a good one!

the bitter end is a super quick and easy read and it’s very ~beginner friendly~ when it comes to modern poetry collections. while it may be a light read, it can weigh heavy on the heart.

a story of loose ends and bitter losses – it’s sure to leave an biting aftertaste on the tip of your tongue.

this collection truly encapsulates what’s it’s like to leave a chapter of your story with a bit of cliff hanger. it hits to the core for those of us who have felt a bitter ending relationship or lost a loved one in. situation that proved unfair. Kaliane writes so powerfully, so concisely, on a topic that most of refuse to touch on for fear of re-breaking our own heart.

it’s healing.

it’s cathartic.

i highly recommend y’all check this one out. it’s available on amazon and i’d love to discuss it and chat about it with you! let’s have real book talks, soon 🌱


don’t forget!

the home brew is launching this coming october! get your submissions in soon!

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thoughts on: “how to hug a porcupine” and announcing our next read

“How To Hug a Porcupine” was… not for me. not to say the book doesn’t contain any useful information or life tips, but i’d rather cut out a porcupine than hug one.

and yes, i get it, “there’s a little porcupine in all of us” and that’s fine. we can get defensive about ourselves, but there’s no need for extra prickly people in your life.

show those you love that you love and respect them. but don’t let others use you as a punching bag. that’s what this book made me feel. like the speaker had spent way too many years in emotionally draining relationships and is trying to keep their eyes on the bright side.

that’s all fine and dandy

but it’s not for me

this week:

we’re reading something different. i’m not in the mood for a self help book so i’m picking up a novel i’ve had on my to be read list for sometime now

“Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist”

it’s one of my lovers favorite read so i’m excited to dive into it

but what do y’all think?

should i cut out porcupine friends a little more slack? do you think i’ll enjoy my next read? let’s discuss!


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artist spotlight: Luna Margo Valentine

alright theydies and gentlethems; drumroll please!


it’s our very first artist spotlight and i’m SO EXCITED to be sharing this writer’s work! (if you’re not sure what the heck this is — check out these posts!)

our first artist is a lovely poetess who goes by the name Luna Margo Valentine.

poetess. dreamer. soft girl. strange woman.

black girl magick at its finest.

i first fell in love with Luna’s writing when i found her on twitter! (you can find her everywhere under the name @imaginarymargo!) her writing is so astonishingly beautiful, it’s truly breathtaking. she can write about the most gut-wrenching topics in such a way that you can only describe it as soft-girl magic. it’s powerful. it’s empowering.

she has two collections on twitter entitled “soft girl” and “space girl” and honestly they are more than worth the read!

soft girl is so gentle. i feel her dreams and i hope she never stops believing. i think you’ll fall in love with her and want to wrap your arms around her in the safest hug. she’s warm and inviting and a blessing to your timeline.

and space girl? “she was once a goddess, now she’s an enigma even to herself”. a breathtaking collection about loss, grief, and healing.

Luna also has a couple collections on Wattpad a handful of poignant, 6 to 10 word stories and an abundance of poetry. and of course you have to keep up with her aesthetically pleasing blog! it’s a beautiful window into an artistic world.

most importantly:

Luna is a passionate soul. a reader of words and visions and moods. she has over a handful of tumblogs and collections dedicated to the aesthetics — the feelings — they evoke. it’s beautiful to scroll through her work and admire it for all that it is. personal; truly passionate.

after all, she says, “I write poetry because it’s magical. Words have so much power and I think everything should be done with passion and with purpose behind it.”

that’s why i love and recommend keeping up with Luna, and the no-doubt brilliant things she’ll accomplish in the years to come.

make sure to keep up with all her adventures and her healing process


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currently reading: “how to hug a porcupine”

so last week we finished up “love, and you” by gretchen gomez!

did you love it? did you hate it? what would you rate it? let me know!

this next week we’re reading something new! “how to hug a porcupine” is supposed to be a cute little guide to help you “love the difficult people in your life” (including yourself!)

i’m hoping i’ll find this a good compliment to my group sessions and learning new people skills.

i’m also starting to read a nifty little PTSD workbook so i’ll let y’all know how that goes next week! i’m just really trying to use all my skills and passions to stay happy and healthy.

that’s why this bookclub is based on self-love, growth, and healing. i want to read all the books about all the ways to love myself and be my best self. i’m doing my best.