healing — putting in the work

so it’s official, i’m going back to therapy.
and for the first time, i’m not anxious about it. and i’m not angry about it. and i’m not dreading it.
i found someone who seems really neat and specializes in ptsd and talk therapy. and i’m hoping that our first meeting will go well. fingers crossed.
wish me luck lol

but i wanted to talk about something that i’ve been really, really bad about lately. and that’s using my illness as a crutch.
i know. it’s an issue.
but i got so caught up in saying that i couldn’t do things or losing spoons too quickly that it felt entirely impossible! but i’m started gain back my energy.
and here’s how i did.
step one: medicated and mighty
if you’re on medication i think the most important thing is just… to actually take your meds??? on time??? without other interfering substance???
(talking to you 21 y/o megan who would take her meds with alcohol.)
it’s time to get our shit together.
and i know for a lot of you these things seem simple. basic. could do it in your sleep.
but i just cane back from a trip to depression land and i accidentally forgot to shower for a week so take that!
but we’re getting back on track now.
another tip? it’s basic but stay hydrated. especially if you on a bunch of meds!!! and clean your space when you have the energy! doing the dishes is the WORST for me but when i do actually have the energy it’s best to knock it out.
having a clean living space is top notch and it totally helps with your outlook!
but, ya know, sometimes we have really bad days. and for that i say. tru to take a shower and then put on new clean jammies and get back in bed with your furbaby. sometimes we just need little comforts.
stay safe and stay cozy.

book club, Personal

welcome back to book club!

the homebrew book club is back! each week i’ll be ready a new book and chatting about here with y’all and on instagram! i’m also working with Raine Publishing to bring you the best of the best in new poetry and short stories! so you’ll get first looks at new projects by up and coming poets! i’m stoked!

this week, we’re reading Maroon Daydreams but Cheyenne Raine herself! i downloaded my copy of this book about a year ago but i never got around to reading it, truth be told. so i’m very excited to start it now and share my thoughts with all of you! make sure you also check out home brew books to stay up to date!


The Wind

honestly, today started out terribly. but i’m trying to keep a good spin on it.

i feel so disconnected lately.


and i’m not really sure who i am anymore.

i feel scattered.

i drew The Wind in a dream the other night. and that’s kind of how i feel.

and i guess part of it could be seasonal depression but it feel,,,, ~different~ than that.

• let me tell you the things that i do know, maybe as a record of where i am, now in this time, even just for myself:

• my name is megan marie and i’m a 23 year old creative cat mom. i guess thats the true base of who i see myself as. i like art a lot and belle is my baby my therapy cat and my familiar. i like to create things but sometimes i feel unmotivated, especially lately. i don’t really know anything other than that.

• isn’t that sad? that i can’t even come up with anything about myself? what do i like? what do i dislike? my lover says i’m in a ~mood~ where i “hate” everything but that doesn’t feel right either.

• and it’s the little things, you know? like how i say i love to paint but i never do it. or how i say i love yoga but i don’t actually make time to practice and meditate.

• am i just lazy? do i just lack the essential ability to follow through? what do i do?

• my name is megan marie and i write. and i feel. and sometimes i feel so much thats it’s overwhelming in my very being and i don’t know where my feelings end and others begin. buts it’s become my normal. i don’t notice a difference. my therapist used to call it codependency. i hated her.

• but i love to write. i always have. mainly because i constantly have an inner monologue that screams at me 24/7 until i scribble wildly with reckless abandon. and right now i have FOUR whole project that i’m working on but guess who’s a big ol dummy who never actually sits down and writes? you guessed it, it’s me.

• i want to feel….. invested? in something again. in myself again. and i don’t know how to do that. but i guess i’ll work on that.

• so here we are, the breakdown, where shit gets real. the manifestations. what do i want to be how do i make that a reality.

• i want to quit smoking, i’ve been saying it for a million years and at this points it’s just ridiculous that i haven’t quit. i’m really not proud of myself. i want to write a couple pieces for my projects everyday. i want to do yoga everyday. i want to read more and i want to create more. i want to set aside time for reading before bed and i want to set time through out my day to work on new projects.

• i also want to reconnect with my higher self. i feel so slumped over lately, like i’ve truly been cut off, and it aches. my solar plexus and heart chakra hurt almost constantly and i feel,,,, homesick. i’m not sure where home is though. what am i missing?

• i also keep having nightmares. but they aren’t the recurring ones i used to have. they exist in the same world still, but these are different. but they have the same feeling? like continuity. but i keep —jolting— awake. and it’s scary. i said i was for to start keeping better track of my dreams but they get so hazy. i’ll try harder.

• i have class tomorrow and i dont want to go and i figured out why. i feel inadequate. i don’t feel like i belong in any of my classes. and it’s bummy. wow and don’t tell anyone but especially my circuit training class i just feel so chubby 🙁

• but i’m making myself promise to not ditch anymore. because i kind of have been. and i know i shouldn’t. but i get so scared.

• i’m going to try to be better. the best version of me i can be.



a(nother?) new beginning

wow has it been awhile! i do this quite a lot, unfortunately. i’ll be so stoked about a side project that i drop my blog all together which is super silly considering a LOVE posting updates about my projects for y’all!

so here we go a(nother) new beginning for us here. a new beginning for myself.

is that allowed? am i allowed to start and refresh myself as i go on? i think it should be. i think we should keep reinventing ourselves every step of the way. always strive to be the best version of ourself.

i’ve started a bunch of new projects that i’m really stoked about! one of them is super secret and i’m not spilling! at least not yet! it’s still got a LONG way to go but i’m trying to add new details everyday!

i’ve also relaunched The Home Brew!

don’t know what the home brew is? well, my friend, it’s a creative cauldron of indie creatives where we all get together to share our art and passion for creating! each month i publish a zine with art that’s been submitted by indie creatives and i LOVE the work i’ve been exposed to! i took a little hiatus from this project at the end of last year but we’re back in full spring starting this february!

i also went back to school this semester! i’m working towards my bachelors in sociology and then i’m hoping to get my MFT license. i’m going part time this semester to get back on my feet and i think and i hope that i’m off to a good start!

so many new things in the works and i feel truly blessed lately. seasonal depression is still hitting hard but i’m working through it and trying to make everyday my best.

how have you been lately? any new projects in the works? let me know, let’s start a conversation!



sunday mornings

i notice the smell of coffee before i even open my eyes.

the light is pouring in through the slats of the blinds and i hear you humming in the kitchen.

i roll out of bed and walk up behind you.

i wrap my arms around your waist and press my face into the small of your bare back.

you feel like home.

you chuckle and whisper “good morning” as you spin around to hand me a warm mug.

there’s lowfi music playing gently from our speakers as i cross the room to the sofa.

as i set my cup down you spin me back around.

“i’m too sleepy” i grumble almost incoherently

“dance with me” you pull me in a soft embrace and lead me in a dance. it’s more of a gentle sway in our tiny kitchen area but it feels magickal nonetheless.

i share with you the experiences i had in my dreams the night before as you grumpily glare at the clues to your crossword.

we start breakfast together, and almost burn the biscuits, but my homemade gravy really pulls it all together; at least that’s what you tell me.

it’s in these little moments,

wrapped up in a million tiny touches and stares,

that i get so lost in the idea of us.

you and me and our tiny home and our tiny family

this has become my happiest place

— sunday mornings


To Write Love On Her Arms

hi friends!

so i know that the winter months can be a lot harder for some of us, myself included, and it’s got me thinking a lot about self-reflection.

when i was younger, and even into my college years, i struggled very much with depression, anxiety, and self harm. and this time of year is especially rough with hints of the past sprinkled in traditions.

well this holiday season, and into the new year, i’d like to do something different this year and try giving back to a community that helped me a lot growing up.

so there’s this foundation that i like a lot – To Write Love On Her Arms – and from now until january 31 i’ll be raising money for them and collecting donations!

TWLOHA is a campaign to help those struggling with depression, self harm, addiction, and suicidal ideation find the resources they need.

15% of each sale through my etsy shop with go towards TWLOHA or you can donate directly here:

i’m hoping to raise $500 in total over the month and i’m very excited to have this opportunity.

please share this post or my link if you feel so inclined 🖤🌸



a letter to my 15 year old self


i know this past year was rough, and i wish i could tell you that it’ll ease up soon, but i think we both know you’re in for a lot of life lesson in these next few years.

but guess what baby girl, you will conquer everything that comes your way and come out stronger than you ever though possible.

don’t give up your dreams of writing and publishing. when you hit five years clean from self harm you’ll publish your first poetry collection and it will be the most wonderful experience. it’s not the first time you’ll see your name print, but it’ll be one of the most influential moments of your life.

never lose your spirit. i know your empathy has been twisted against you, but it has always been your super power. you love so deeply and so openly and it draws a lot of incredible people into your life. don’t forget to be grateful and don’t take those relationship for granted. they’ll build you back up when you’re feeling low.

hug your mom. i know that relationship isn’t always easy, but she truly does love you and always has good intentions in her heart. prepare for a lot of misunderstandings but know that you are cared for. please always remember that. tell kellen you appreciate him, too. do you remember when you first got sick and he gave the last of his halloween candy to make you feel better? hold on to that. it’s the little things that bring you two close and it always will be. buy him some carne asada fries if you can afford it and if can’t just share the last brownie with him, okay? these moments mean a lot.

more than anything, i desperately need you to know that pain is not a prerequisite for self-love and growth. you are capable of falling so deeply in love yourself no matter what. you deserve the love you give so freely to others. cherish yourself. love yourself. trust yourself. be your own best friend and know that you are worthy, always.

with all my love,



I AM (an affirmation poem)

i am strong and i am resilient

i can

and i will

push through everything blocking my path

i am here


in this present moment

and overcome with such bliss that i can leap from cloud nine

i will survive

this and anything else that comes my way

i am here and i am love

and i can love

ever so deeply

that i dive into my passions with reckless abandon

make a mess and fall in love with me


and i

i am here

hear me now

i’m not going anywhere

i will not leave you

stay the course

press on and stay true

to who you’ve always wanted to be

i will be here

i am here

i am here

i am here



what i learned from NaNoWriMo

so, i didn’t win NaNoWriMo this year. i made it to about 25k words and my story took a turn i wasn’t prepared for so i had to take a step back. but i did keep writing pretty consistently! and here is where i’d like to share with you the biggest things i learned from writing 1.5k words per day for a month straight!

everyone always says this but you know me, i never listen. CONSISTENCY IS KEY. you will be your own biggest enemy in this regard but no matter what it is that you’re passion about DO IT A LITTLE EVERY DAY!

also, for first drafts — don’t edit as you go! take this time to write freely, let your story come or your painting unfold naturally. turn your inner critic off and wait for draft two to start making edits.

give yourself room to make mistakes. this is basically just an addition to not editing but it’s okay if your first draft is bad!!! it really is!!!! write the worst draft you’ve ever seen if you really have to but GET THAT DANG STORY OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

of course, be patient with yourself. especially when you have lofty daily goals it’s so important to take breaks and give yourself time to rest. stretch! relax your wrists and your neck and shoulders and back if you’ve been sitting too long. drink plenty of water. eat a snack. it’s okay to go at your own pace.

and of course, my favorite tip and truck: no zero days. so what does this mean? whatever your goal is — do at least ONE thing for it every day! writing a story but feeling down? jot down a sentence. it doesn’t have to be a meaningful metaphor or beautiful analogy, just one sentence.

same concept goes for every facet of your life! trying to get fit? do one push-up. seriously, i know i doesn’t sound like a lot but it makes the difference between a slow day and an off day. and geez does that do a lot for mental health i PROMISE!

so this is my new challenge to myself:

i slowed down half way through NaNo and i’d like to challenge myself to do even better this month. instead of giving myself a word count goal i’m just going to say “post something new everyday for the month of december”

easy peasy right?

let’s hope so because as of right now i’m feeling a little overwhelmed! but if i can get one solid month of consistency and good habits under my belt i’ll be stoked!

((i also have some super secret projects in the works for 2020 and this is Phase One!))

regardless, im very excited for this last month of the decade and i’m excited to see how i grow in these next few months!

many blessings!



let’s talk accountability (again)

hi friends,

i know it’s been a while – and that’s part of the reason i’m writing this post.

seasonal depression hit me like a truck and i’m not really sure what to do about it.

i have so many things going on right now — so many GOOD things — and yet i have such low energy that it’s making it impossible to enjoy them. and you know, it’s really a bummer.

and at least for once i don’t feel depressed or anxious or angry at myself. i just feel sad.

but i’m here to say i’m going to try to practice what i preach.

i always talk about sprinkling positivity and healthy choices into everything you do but what the heck have i been doing?? moping. (and crying) a lot. but it’s time to be better

and yea, i know. i feel like i say this every other week but i’m done with this “fresh start monday” mentality. every day is fresh start — hell even every minute.

we are our choices, so i want to make mine count.

i’ll be getting back to my diary posts for accountability and i’ll be reorganizing my entire site. BIG CHANGES COMING SOON. FUN CHANGES TOO.