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i crossed everything off my to do list today and i feel like i didn’t get anything done

i should go for a walk

i still need to write something new today but i’m not feeling well and i’m hoping my cold medicine kicks in soon

i might just go to sleep who knows

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artist spotlight: Luna Margo Valentine

alright theydies and gentlethems; drumroll please!


it’s our very first artist spotlight and i’m SO EXCITED to be sharing this writer’s work! (if you’re not sure what the heck this is — check out these posts!)

our first artist is a lovely poetess who goes by the name Luna Margo Valentine.

poetess. dreamer. soft girl. strange woman.

black girl magick at its finest.

i first fell in love with Luna’s writing when i found her on twitter! (you can find her everywhere under the name @imaginarymargo!) her writing is so astonishingly beautiful, it’s truly breathtaking. she can write about the most gut-wrenching topics in such a way that you can only describe it as soft-girl magic. it’s powerful. it’s empowering.

she has two collections on twitter entitled “soft girl” and “space girl” and honestly they are more than worth the read!

soft girl is so gentle. i feel her dreams and i hope she never stops believing. i think you’ll fall in love with her and want to wrap your arms around her in the safest hug. she’s warm and inviting and a blessing to your timeline.

and space girl? “she was once a goddess, now she’s an enigma even to herself”. a breathtaking collection about loss, grief, and healing.

Luna also has a couple collections on Wattpad a handful of poignant, 6 to 10 word stories and an abundance of poetry. and of course you have to keep up with her aesthetically pleasing blog! it’s a beautiful window into an artistic world.

most importantly:

Luna is a passionate soul. a reader of words and visions and moods. she has over a handful of tumblogs and collections dedicated to the aesthetics — the feelings — they evoke. it’s beautiful to scroll through her work and admire it for all that it is. personal; truly passionate.

after all, she says, “I write poetry because it’s magical. Words have so much power and I think everything should be done with passion and with purpose behind it.”

that’s why i love and recommend keeping up with Luna, and the no-doubt brilliant things she’ll accomplish in the years to come.

make sure to keep up with all her adventures and her healing process


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april 30, 2019 — tuesday


last weekend i told myself i’d get all my shit together and start posting consistently and now it’s tuesday and i haven’t done SHIT

send help

okay well now it’s officially 9:32pm and i haven’t even finished my diary post

wow i’m really not good at posting consistently AT ALL

tomorrow i’m back on my bullshit though, so um, be ready. i’m not. but you should be.


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tuesday — april 23, 2019

i’ve been internally screaming for about a week now

if you don’t know why i’ll share what i posted to facebook earlier:


hi friends!

as a lot of you may know, the past seven years have been an uphill battle for me. you’ve seen me through trauma, mental illness, chronic disabilities, and personal pitfalls. but i’m so happy to be able to stand here today and announce something special

as of tomorrow — April 24, 2019 — i will be FIVE YEARS CLEAN from self-harm and disordered eating! i’m so proud to share this accomplishment with everyone who has had hand in my healing.

to celebrate, i am publishing my debut poetry collection entitled “Crooked Letters To Crooked Lovers” which outlines life after abuse and learning to love yourself again.

it’s available in digital format TODAY and will be available for purchase on amazon later this week!

thanks for all your support through the past few years.

love and light




I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS OKAY AND IM NOT QUITE SURE HOW TO PROCESS THEM ALL and the caps lock was intentional at first but i thought i turned off half way there, my bad for yelling y’all

i’m so…..

i literally can’t think of a single word to describe my feelings right now. or for the past week for that matter. i’ve had… an emotional week. we’re near my self-love anniversary but this is also a hard time of the year for me with other anniversaries as well….. it’s a hard season for me.

but i’m publishing my DEBUT work (i love that word) and i’m trying to turn this part of my life around.

i will make happier memories. i will continue to succeed. i will continue to grow and learn and thrive.


things are looking up, sunshine. let’s keep growing.


Crooked Letters to Crooked Lovers

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support updates and a little more about me! 🖤

hello lovebugs! emmy here!

i just wanted to drop by to tell you all about the work i’ve been doing today! first of all THANK YOU ALL who have been supporting me through the beginning of this year; it’s been a rough one but i’m back to being better than ever and ready to get back to creating regularly!

i updated my patreon support page and tiers and goals!

there you will find all of the creative content i offer as a freelance creator!

” and uh what exactly is a freelance creator?” you maybe asking yourself – well it’s my pleasure to tell you.

i offer a variety of services on a case by case basis.
i write, edit, read tarot cards, and make custom art in several different mediums.

i write:
* poetry
* custom short stories
* custom essays
* custom fanfic
* original prose
and so much more!

i can also edit YOUR:
* essays
* prose
* blog posts
* shop descriptions
* creative writings
and so much more!

my favorite crafts to make are:
* dream catchers
* embroidery hoops
* fluid paintings
* tie dyes
* and anything else we can come up with together!

I love reading tarot cards and i’m very passionate about creating a wholesome and affirming experience with you. i’ve made several custom spreads and i have a few ready made ones on my shop!

you can also find all my handmade art and other services there, too!


if you have no idea what i’m taking about you should explore my page more! it’s my poetry debut!!! and it will be available April 24th! (my 5 year anniversary clean from self harm and disordered eating 💕)

but if you’re too impatient (like me) there’s a snippet of it up available NOW! find it here!!! this is also where i’ll be posting more poetry, essays, and short stories.

i have so much love for all the support you’ve shown my blog and my writing and my art and my passions. i’m excited to be taking another step forward in my goals. i hope you’ll join me.

much love.


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The Home Brew

a grand opening celebration ✨

as some of you may know — my ambition in life is to start my own small business called: The Home Brew

well, theydies and gentlethems, today a baby step was taken towards that goal.

The Home Brew is officially in draft one today in a cute little online format.

here, i offer a variety of tarot readings, birth chart readings, intuitive healing, and so much more! i’m also still selling all my handmade collections and i’m going to start branching out with my creations more!

officially the shop launches April 1 2019 so before that i’m offering a discount on all purchases!

15% off when you use code GrandOpening2019 when checking out!

the crystal healing kits are my FAVORITE. it’s a wood burned box with a cute little design on it filled with a collection of witchy and cozy goodies. i’m so excited to share them all with you!

i’m also doing this thing called “blind date with a book” where you can fill out a small form and i’ll send you a book i think you’ll like based on you’re answers! i’m just so hyped up honestly.

i think this is going to be really neat and i’m excited to share it all with you!

love and light and happy healing,


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help us find a home ♥

hi friends — so a lot has happened over last couple of weeks and i wanted to share that here with you (and also just give myself a space to vent lol)

so here we go:

(oh also. TRIGGER WARNING: mental health, abuse, rape, mental illness, disability, etc.)

my fiancé and i (and our furbaby belle) having been living with roommates for the past two years. they’re lovely and all; but i wasn’t in a situation where i felt safe, welcome, or home.

as my mental health declined it started getting worse. lack of sleep and lack of energy make for a very draining existence and feeling unsafe in my living space made that even more unbearable.

on new year’s eve we left. we packed a small duffel bag and belle and went to the only place we could think of — my parents.

they’ve always been supportive. we knew they’d let us crash land there.

but that house has always been toxic to me.

when i was 15, living in this house, i was in an abusive relationship: verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually. a lot of the abuse occurred in that house and it made it hard to be there — even back when i was 17 i had to move out to my grandmas house to feel even a little bit safe.

so being there always weighs heavy on heart and quickly sends my mental health spiraling downwards.

i suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ptsd. and yesterday i was packed and on my way to the health hospital to self admit.

it felt like… i was torn between hurting myself in that home (i’ve been clean from self harm for four years and eight months and almost broke it… but i didn’t!) or going to the hospital. THATS how i unsafe i feel in that house.

it hasn’t felt like a home in years.

i haven’t had a home in years.

and now i’m staying at a friends house; separated from my love and my baby and trying to take it one day at a time – trying to focus on my mental health.

but my fiancé and i are looking for a safe space of our own — a real home.

and so here’s where i need some help if you can bear with me.

i started a gofundme for $1000. it’s enough for first months rent and a deposit on the place and that’s all we need. we’re scraping together all our spare change and recyclables and selling old clothes. we’re just not there yet. we don’t expect to hit the goal; i think with me being on disability and my fiancé working and going to school we should make it through; but every little bit helps.

i’m also offering services for anyone who donates or tips!

first: i have a giveaway going on through twitter! everyone who sends me proof of donation (no matter the amount) i’ll enter you in a giveaway with two winners who will receive some handmade art!

second: everyone who sends me proof of donation (no matter the amount) i’ll do a tarot spread for you! every donation is eligible a one card tarot draw!

third: larger donations ($15 and up) can message me and have some custom art made for them or pick up a piece free from my etsy shop! i make dream catchers, wood-burned boxes/wall art, fluid paintings, small embroidery hoops, tie dyes of all kinds, and anything else we could come up with together!

so let me know how i can pay you back for sharing — evening if it’s just by sharing this post to your twitter or facebook. i hope you know i appreciate it. with every bit of my soul.

this means the world to me. i just want a safe place to land for once.

(the link to the gofundme)

honestly, i’ll probably be posting about this a lot (not the crowd funding but the housing issues) and if any sort of instability like that triggers you please feel free to unfollow, mute, skip, or whatever else you need to do to stay safe and comfortable.

much love everyone,