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the home brew – submissions OPEN

what is UP theydies and gentlethems? i hope you’re all having a lovely week.

usually today i’d do a ~cozy post~ but i’m interrupting our usual programming for an announcement from The Home Brew


(submissions are ABSOLUTELY still welcome but they will be pushed back to the second issue!)

i have received some of the most beautiful pieces of art i have ever seen, i absolutely love this. i am so excited to be able to create a community of rad human artists and creatives and give us a space to GROW as artists and as people! thank you for sharing your soul work with me!

“a monthly literary and art publication coming soon to a browser near you (and maybe even as a physical zine!)

The Home Brew is here to be creative cauldron of ideas. a place where the voices of those in the shadows can come together and meld into something magical.

i’m hoping to discuss topics such as:


mental health awareness

LGBTQ+ lifestyle

cozy witchcraft

modern poetry

mixed media/digital art


and whatever else we can come up with together”

all mediums are welcome! the submissions info is as follows:

• email me:

in the email – use the subject SUBMISSION – and include the following:

• who are you? (name, pronouns, passions, whatever you’d like everyone to know about you)

• what are you submitting? (is it a song? a poetry collection? a website? an entire soundcloud account/album? let me know) describe it!

• what’s your creative process like?

• what would you like to say about what you’re submitting

• links to promote you (blog, twitter handle, insta name, etc)

• something that makes you YOU! what is your passions what is your purpose what pushes you to create!

attach any links or files you’d like to be reviewed and anything else you’d like me to know.

let’s cultivate a space for art together 🌻


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CALLING ALL ARTISTS: we’re starting a collective! #WritingCommunity #ArtShare

welcome back – or hello there – theydies and gentlethems! we’re doing a spotlight promo today because i really loved sharing Luna’s story and i want more of YOUR art to share together! let me hype up your work and add you and your links to the bookshelf or gallery!

so here’s how it works:

you send me an email — check out the submissions tab — and hit me up with ALL your links and some snippets of your work. i do a full length post about you and add your name and links to the collective tabs! it’s kind of awesome. really, the goal is to create an amazing community where we can all share each other’s passion and work and talent and we can celebrate our creativity together!


i will host ALL FORMS OF ART.

personal writing, prose, poetry, short stories, guest blog posts, mixed media art, collage, music, painting, embroidery, the possibilities are so exciting to me!


eventually i’m hoping to be able to HOST AND PROMOTE/PUBLISH all of our work and help indie creators get the starting tools they need. i don’t know what this collective will turn into in the future but for now it’s open and accessible to all.


i’m so excited to see what you all create!

— mmt

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what i learned in therapy this week

this week was HARD. (hence the lack of posts.) but i’ve been in a Partial Hospitalization Program and guess what?

it sucks. it’s not for me. and you know what? that was a little disheartening but that’s okay. i just have to stay balanced for the next two weeks and then i get into one on one therapy and i know i’ll thrive.

but i did have a bit of an epiphany this week and here’s where i am:

1. gen x and boomers could never understand what we as millennials and gen z are going through

2. group sessions aren’t for everybody and that’s okay

3. communication is THE KEY and that includes being open and honest with yourself


4. i don’t have to live in my trauma

yea. bad shit happened. and april really resurfaced some shit and rereading some old writing really brought things out and… to the surface.

but what the hell am i doing? an i really going celebrate THE BEST accomplishment of my life thus far — 5 years clean & debut writing — by sinking back into the hole that i worked so hard to pull myself out of? i can’t do that to me 17 year old me or 19 year old me or 22/23 year old me. I DESERVE BETTER.

i don’t have to feel GUILTY about healing.

that’s been my problem.

i feel like i didn’t deserve. like i hadn’t worked hard enough or earned it or was WORTHY of it

but that’s my abused, lizard brain and goddamit i’m stronger than that.

healing isn’t linear. i know that but sometimes i forget.

here’s to trying a little bit better to remember 🌻


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hello cozy readers today we are talking about superheroes!

> more specifically: MY favorite superheroes

>> more, more specifically: Marvel and the MCU and the avengers

>>> most specifically: i’m gonna gush about tom holland and brie larson!!!!

so i have ALWAYS loved spiderman! since i was but a wee child toby maguire brought the character to life for me and spawned a love for all things… i’m just gonna say it…. Super!

but the MCU version of the avengers has been mind blowing and i will tolerate no mcu slander here!

[ on this blog we SUPPORT and CHERISH marvel and will only tolerate DC SLANDER. ]

i could go on about the mcu in general for about an eternity but we’re gonna skip ahead about a decade and go straight to tom holland and brie larson okay? okay!

because let’s be real; nobody wants to read a 500 page essay on how RDJ revolutionized the entire superhero dynamic. i said it and i’ll say it again.

he did that.

he did that for us.

but like i said: TOM HOLLAND and BRIE LARSON


baby holland first:

as i mentioned above: i’m hella fuckn biased when it comes to my dude spiderman. in my honest opinion:

• toby maguire made the best peter parker

• andrew garfield made the best spidey

• tom holland? rocks the character as a WHOLE


so damn talented and brings so much life to my favorite character i’m in love

moving on

carol. danvers.

captain. marvel.

brie. larson.

holy. fuck.

i’m. gay.

i cried like a fucking baby after watching this movie i felt so fucking empowered. like damn bitch. she didn’t take SHIT and she delivered on EVERY LEVEL.


like i’m not saying it’s the best mcu movie of all time but it’s definitely the best movie ever made so connect the dots buddy.

anyways. i’m just happy to see someone younger take on the role of spidey and really develop his family life and i’m fuckn stokes to have the best most baddass character to look up to now. thanks mcu 🤙🏼



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support updates and a little more about me! 🖤

hello lovebugs! emmy here!

i just wanted to drop by to tell you all about the work i’ve been doing today! first of all THANK YOU ALL who have been supporting me through the beginning of this year; it’s been a rough one but i’m back to being better than ever and ready to get back to creating regularly!

i updated my patreon support page and tiers and goals!

there you will find all of the creative content i offer as a freelance creator!

” and uh what exactly is a freelance creator?” you maybe asking yourself – well it’s my pleasure to tell you.

i offer a variety of services on a case by case basis.
i write, edit, read tarot cards, and make custom art in several different mediums.

i write:
* poetry
* custom short stories
* custom essays
* custom fanfic
* original prose
and so much more!

i can also edit YOUR:
* essays
* prose
* blog posts
* shop descriptions
* creative writings
and so much more!

my favorite crafts to make are:
* dream catchers
* embroidery hoops
* fluid paintings
* tie dyes
* and anything else we can come up with together!

I love reading tarot cards and i’m very passionate about creating a wholesome and affirming experience with you. i’ve made several custom spreads and i have a few ready made ones on my shop!

you can also find all my handmade art and other services there, too!


if you have no idea what i’m taking about you should explore my page more! it’s my poetry debut!!! and it will be available April 24th! (my 5 year anniversary clean from self harm and disordered eating 💕)

but if you’re too impatient (like me) there’s a snippet of it up available NOW! find it here!!! this is also where i’ll be posting more poetry, essays, and short stories.

i have so much love for all the support you’ve shown my blog and my writing and my art and my passions. i’m excited to be taking another step forward in my goals. i hope you’ll join me.

much love.


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self care saturday (soft and powerful)

hello hello cozy readers 🖤💭

it’s self care saturday and that means it’s time for cozy blogging

today we’re taking about some personal projects (a little bit of personal processing for me) and what that means for cozy blogging as a whole


as some of you know i’m working to self publish a poetry collection by april 2019. well, i’ve been thinking a lot about that project and my next collection of poems but i realized that’s not all i want to do

i’m going to self publish a recovery workbook / journal and call it “soft and powerful”

this will be the book i wish i had at 17 when i started my recovery journey

this journey started at 17 and i stand here now at 22

so much has changed and i’m elated at the possibility of sharing my passions for growth, healing, and self love with all of you.

i will never claim to have this down to a science. i have only done tests so far as live my life to the best of my ability these past 5 years. but i can share with you my trials and errors

i can share with you my strength and endurance

i can share with you my hope and healing

i can share with you my new found knowledge

what works and what doesn’t

for me

some topics i’m considering touching on:



self harm



MI’s (depression/anxiety/ptsd/bipolar)






i just want a safe place to share my healing process. and i think this could be it.


cozy blogging is becoming a series or an ebook soon! ‘soft and powerful’ will be filled to the brim with cozy poems and rambles and mantras and meditations. it’ll be a personal safe space to take wherever you need. and i’m so exited to share it with you all.

do you have any thoughts or recommendations? i’d love to hear them 💭🖤

let me know what keeps you cozy and i’ll slip some of it into ‘soft and powerful’


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cozy poetry – a blossoming idea

hello lovelies

so i had a beautiful little seed of an idea during my group therapy this past week and i think i’ve found a way to make it blossom

something i’ve been worried about is actually really… silly.

“what if i lose my edge in writing once i ‘recover’? what do i write about that isn’t my trauma?”

i know, it seems so silly to the rational side of my brain. but my emotional/hurt/mentally ill brain has just been screaming into the void

and then i started ~cozy blogging~ a baby step towards writing about the beautiful sides of my recovery and the things that keep me cozy.

and now i’m going to try to take it one step further – one step towards my broader goal – i’m going to start ~cozy poetry~ an ongoing series of poems that revolve around everything that cozy blogging means to me: the wonderful sides of my recovery, my healing, my truth, my love, and my light.

i’ll post it as “cozy blogging” and “creative writing” – but (((maybe???))) one step further!?! my william is very into ASMR and has been urging me to read my poetry as ASMR. i think ~cozy poetry~ is the perfect series to start with. i’ll record myself (vlog style) with my favorite cozy things and read you lovelies some cozy poetry that helps you feel cozy, at ease, and ready for relaxation.

i think this is such a good and solid step for me to take.

i’m also going to go pick up all my writing prompt books! so i’ll be expanding my writing and staying more creative and being more open to inspiration.

i think it’ll be wonderful and a solid, secure, HEALTHY step towards my recovery.

good for me and good for my goals so double good for me 🖤

let me know what you think! what are your favorite cozy things: what keeps you grounded and whole and balanced? let me know!

much love,


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an “art-nighter”

hello cozy bloggers and cozy readers; how are you today?

oh me? i’m doing really well, actually.

i’ve been spending a lot of time on my arts and crafts and passions lately and i’m loving it! i even submitted some poems to a zine that i was contacted by!!! i’m so excited!

i’ve been painting a lot too, i’m no good at it, but it’s super fun and relaxing.

wanna see some pictures and doodles?

like i said, i’m not really good. but i have a lot of F U N and i think that’s what’s important.

my william and i are planning to pull an “art-nighter” tonight! so basically…. an all-nighter where we stay up all night but do fun art things!!! i’m gonna get jacked up on caffeine (and probably have anxiety lol) but i’m going to paint and doodle and WRITE. i’m soooooooooo excited to be writing again.

did you know i finally finished my draft for “crooked letters..”! i just need to print a physical copy; do some last edits, and then print and publish!!! i’m so excited it’s actually coming to life! my art baby is almost ready for the world to see!!!

i’m trying to start a kickstarter for the publishing fees but… the site is being janky and not letting me yet. but i’ll keep trying!

but after that — i’m working on my next poetry collection! it doesn’t have a name yet… but we’ll see where it goes tonight. i’m going to put a lot of time into it during our art night.

i’ll probably post more later when i’m all out of it from lack of sleep

have a cozy day, loves


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self-care sunday

hello lovelies and happy sunday.

whether you consider this the end of your week or the beginning – i hope it’s a marvelous and cozy day.

let’s talk self-care today. and let’s implement some self-care sunday routines, shall we?

cozy self-care:

do some yoga – get stretchy. get in tune with your body. move, breathe, relax, and find some inner peace

drink your favorite tea – wrap up like a cozy burrito in your favorite blankets and sip on your favorite cup of tea (or coffee, or hot cocoa, if it’s more your thing) bonus points for having a furry friend cuddled next you!

take a bubble bath – seriously. get a cool bath bomb, put on some relaxing music, grab your fave book (maybe even a glass of wine?) and soak up the relaxing warmth

listen to your favorite record or re-read your favorite book – get so engulfed in your favorite little universe that you forget all about your stressors. unwind. sing along. highlight your favorite quotes. share your thoughts with your best friends or book club

spend some time with your family – pets are always included when we talk about family okay? give your pets some love and reach out to your other loved ones. remind them you love and appreciate them; they’ll probably reciprocate the affection leaving you all warm and cozy inside

get some fresh air – take a walk outside (bonus points if you walk barefoot in the grass). enjoy the sun or the breeze or whatever kind of weather is calling to you from your window. if the weather outside makes you feel crummy try to open a little window to at least let in some of the outside world and stop isolating yourself inside

create – whatever that looks like to you. i love writing (obviously) and painting. try a new craft! wood burning is so fun (and tie dye and coloring books and wreck this journals) and there’s so many different ways to make a mess with paints and dyes. have fun; that’s what’s important. do something that puts a smile on your face and let’s your imagination flow freely

play animal crossing – seriously it’s the coziest of all games

so those are my favorite ~cozy~ self-care habits.

but let’s be real, sometimes self-care isn’t ~cozy~ (i know, it’s a hard concept to wrap our heads around sometimes) but sometimes self-care it getting up, taking charge, and getting your shit done. sometime you have to (excuse my language) un-fuck your life. un-fuck your mood. and un-fuck your environment. so let’s focus on that for a minute.

get-your-shit-together self-care:

take a shower – for real. refresh. change out of your pjs (even if you just put a pair of clean pjs on) wash your hair. scrub away your worries

do you damn dishes – if they’ve been piled in the sink for more than a day it’s time to get them done.

change your sheets – seriously this works wonders and i have no idea why. clean sheet day is the coziest of all days

hydrate – drink some damn water! your whole body will thank you.

take care of your pets – clean the litter box. get them fresh water. clean their food bowls. whatever it takes to make their environment cozy too, they deserve a clean home too

do your laundry – sunday is always laundry day for me; it’s usually piled pretty high by today so.. get it done. one baby load at a time.

tidy your space – i swear, un-fucking your environment is the fastest and easiest way to un-fuck your headspace. make your bed. clean your desk. maybe get rid of some old junk. take out the trash. find a home for everything you own and keep it in its place.

take your meds (!!!) – this is so, so, SO vital. it’s key to keeping your body balanced. maybe take a vitamin, too, while you’re at it

evaluate yourself – what do YOU need to un-fuck your life right now? did you do your homework? did you finish that project you’ve been procrastinating on? have you called your mom back? take care of it today so it doesn’t weigh on you all week

focus on self-care today. whatever that looks like for you. take care of yourself and stay cozy.

take what you need and don’t worry about the rest.

love and light my darlings,


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cozy witchcraft: a masterpost

hello lovelies. let’s all curl up in some blankets with our favorite cup of tea and talk cozy witchcraft today.

what exactly is cozy witchcraft, you may be asking yourself. well i’m here to tell you. cozy witchcraft is a way to use your craft to take care of yourself, promote positivity, banish negativity, and generally stay cozy in your being.

so here are some ways (my personal favorites!) of using cozy witchcraft:

tarot cards and/or runes: personally, i’ve never used runes but i feel the same concepts apply here. i use the “everyday witch” tarot deck and it fits my soul so perfectly. the key to a wonderful deck (or set of runes) is finding one that connects to YOU personally and helps you feel complete. there are so many different tarot spreads to experiment with but my all time favorite is the one card draw for guidance on a particular issue. (three card spreads are definitely a runner up for me though). but either way – cleanse your tarot cards! use crystals, beach sand, full/new moon energy, incense/candles, etc! cleanse those babies and let it connect and tune into YOU. our interpretations of tarot cards will change depending on our mood… so i usually draw one card per day (unless i’m doing specific spreads). but sit cozy in a blanket, take your time, relax, and spread your cards around you until one calls to you. really look at the card… interpret the images on it (depending on your deck they could be different) but listen to your inner guide. what is your guide trying to tell you. listen. and set intentions for the day. if you don’t set intentions it’ll be harder to take strides towards what you want. that’s why i usually do this ritual early in the morning after my yoga session. (its a good way to greet each morning)

tea and herbs: do some research babes, find which teas and herbs are the best for YOU – your health and your healing. i love green teas generally and peppermint tea for my nervous tummy. when you stir in your honey or agave or milk, stir clockwise to invoke (positivity, health, etc.) or stir counterclockwise to banish (negativity, hexes, etc.) do everything with purpose. cook with intention. channel your inner kitchen witch and whip up something yummy for yourself (treat yo’self!) that also uses herbs and spices that will help you heal, manifest, create, etc.

incense/candles/oils: there are SO many uses for all of these. i love incense for healing and candles for spells or rituals and oils for aromatherapy. (smoke from incense is a good way to cleanse your crystals and tarot cards!) find scents that make you feel cozy – whatever that looks like for you. whether it’s strength during yoga or relaxation during meditation – find what suits your needs. stock up on different color candles (i swear one day i’ll do a thrift-store-witch post). research the colors and the energies they correspond with. if color healing isn’t quite your thing you could always go for aromatherapy with candles or oils. find scents that help you relax, unwind, and stay motivated in your day to day life. i love lavender and eucalyptus-mint the most.

crystals, nature, and the universe: ah, what a wonderful, beautiful world we live in filled with so many ways to naturally ease our souls. what do you connect with? i like to have open conversations with nature and the universe (they’re wonderful listeners). different crystals have different healing properties so be on the lookout for what calls to you personally. my heart chakra has ALWAYS been attracted to rose quartz. but maybe ~trees and nature~ aren’t your thing… but what about space and stars and planets and the vastness of our universe. let it make you feel small and huge all at once. “you are not a drop in the ocean; you are an entire ocean in a single drop”. find whatever it is in the world that calls to you and soak it up. walk barefoot in the grass, stargaze, plant a garden, swim in the ocean – the sky is the limit and it’s also limitless.

books, crafts, art, and music: putting the “craft” back in witchcraft (that was bad; i’m sorry.) seriously though this is such a good way to channel your inner energy and guide. read books about your craft or books that help keep your soul cozy and warm. curl up with your familiar and a cup of tea and fall into a good book or a good album. sing! it’s so good for your throat chakra. paint, draw, reflect on your work – this is such a calming and relaxing form of meditation. let your mind relax and your soul flow freely.

yoga, meditation, and our chakras: balance is key; balance is everything. what helps you feel balanced: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. yoga is a great way to balance our physical body and our subtle body. focus, breathe, set intentions. really focus on your breathing and movement. meditate! everyday! even it’s just five minutes to yourself – take your time to meditate. meditation can look like so many different things – don’t get scared by the idea of sitting still for an hour with your eyes closed. meditation is whatever helps you ease your mind and live intently. practice yoga, write, paint, pray, balance your chakras, sit in nature, soak up some sun, sit alone with your thoughts and marinate in your inner energy field.

everyday witchcraft: alright now it’s time for the basics – using cozy witchcraft in day-to-day routines. don’t get me wrong, if you can incorporate daily yoga, meditation, affirmations, etc into your daily routine it’s even better! but these are some things you can do even if you’re still in the broom-closet or a learning baby witch!

have an alter: a little safe space, a windowsill or bookshelf. keep your cozy belongings – pressed flowers, notes to yourself, candles, etc.

draw sigils: everywhere! in your notebooks, on the back of your watch, on the inside of your clothes. draw sigils to keep you cozy and warm and full of love and light.

enchant your clothing: (could use sigils to do so) enchanted your favorite top with a beauty ritual. enchant a ring on your middle finger to hex people you flip off. get creative.

shower/bath time cleanse: clean the stress off of you after a long day. soak up some positive energy to start your day! take a bath with tea or flower petals – refresh naturally.

perfumes/lotions: help set your mood and energy with different cozy scents (just like aromatherapy!!!)

keep a grimoire: this could be the note section in your phone or laptop, a journal, notes in your planner, whatever! write about your craft. write affirmations. write notes to yourself. write spells and enchantments. doodle sigils in the corners. make it yours.

love your familiar: my familiar is my therapy cat / furbaby belle. spend time with them. love them. your familiars will take care of you just as much (if not more) than you take care of them

so that’s my list, i’m sure i could come up with some more though…

let me know if you have any other ideas or things you do to stay cozy!

love and light and happy healing,