witch crafts updates

hello lovelies

i want to take this time to talk about my art and my baby etsy shop.

if you didn’t know: i have a tiny little etsy shop ( where i post handmade items for the everyday witch. i make a lot of art: paintings, dream catchers, jewelry, etc. and i’d love for you check it out.

i’ve been really slacking on updating it lately so it’s a bit barren but i also post pics of my art on instagram and twitter (links at the top).

2018 took a lot out of me – i’ve been focusing on healing and now it’s time to focus on my passions, too. so my early 2019 new years resolution is to relaunch my shop and make it what i’ve always wanted it to be. it’s supposed to be a cozy little place where my messy mind can manifest itself in the physical realm and where i can share my craft.

so i’m running a huge sale on everything i’ve made so far (seriously i have art all over my room and they all deserve good homes) so every price is negotiable and i’m open to bids. every item comes with free shipping (US only) and every item comes with extra special goodies just for you.

some example of my crafts:

so take some time to look around at my art; if anything calls to you let me know! we can definitely work something out so it can get to you.

love and light,