updates, site tour, schedules. oh my!

hello again theydies and gentlethems- how are we all doing today?

i just wanted to drop in to give y’all some updates about my site, my blog, my shop, and my ~vision~ for freelovingwitch 🌱🖤

if i can actually get myself to stick to a frickfracking schedule i should have new posts EVERY DAY! this is what you have to look forward to:

(hold me accountable lol)

monday: artist spotlight — every monday i’ll be hosting a NEW indie artist to add to either The Bookshelf or The Gallery! each artist gets a spotlight post and then all their info and links go to their respective collective!

tuesday: creative writing — just a little flex of my creative muscles. i try to do writing prompts, poetry, short stories, and more! and i’m always open to suggestion on what to write about!

wednesday: cozy blogging — ah, cozy blogging. my favorite of all the blogging. every wednesday we’ll take a little break from our hectic lives and screens and read something a little more mellow and positive.

thursday: “soft and powerful” — my new project! i’m working on a self-help, guided-journal on how to stay “soft and powerful” kind of like a recovery workbook!

friday: vlog?!? — i’m nervous and my voice is squeaky but it should be fun

saturday: HomeBrewBookclub — i give an overview of my Currently Reading picks and together we discuss our favorite spiritual, self-love, and self-help books!

sunday: tarot for the week ahead — just a simple three card spread drawn from the “everyday witch” tarot deck!

and i (try to) post nightly in my online “diary” tag 🏷

so that’s it! that’s what you’ll find around these parts!

and as far as the layout of my site goes it’s been updated too!

the home page will give you an overview of who i am and then the drop tab links to my online store, The Bookshelf, and The Gallery. or you can hit “latest post” to just scroll chronologically.

i’ve added a submissions button! if you’re an indie artist email me to be featured!

under creative writing there’s all my rambles, my diary posts, my cozy posts, and the bookclub posts so if you’re only here for one of those you can have the posts together!

happy reading and thanks for being so patient with the updates 💕