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tarot for the week ahead

welcome back to a tarot spread for the week ahead, theydies and gentlethems!

you know the drill – so let’s just dive right in!

goal: eight of swords

• the eight swords reminds us that whatever situation we feel “stuck” or “trapped” in there’s probably a solution we’ve already thought of to get ourselves out of this bind. it might not be easy, if it were you probably wouldn’t have been putting it off. but it’s time. unbind yourself; free yourself.

intention: temperance

• balance, patience, wisdom. all reside within our selves already. our intention for the week is to pull on our own inner strengths and wisdom and heal from the inside out

action: the hanged man (inverted)

• fascinating, truly, that the only card that’s ever come up inverted is the hanged man… as action it looks like it’s time to stop, well, hanging around. maybe – like the witch in the eight of swords – you’re not as trapped as you’ve made yourself think

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the home brew – submissions OPEN

what is UP theydies and gentlethems? i hope you’re all having a lovely week.

usually today i’d do a ~cozy post~ but i’m interrupting our usual programming for an announcement from The Home Brew


(submissions are ABSOLUTELY still welcome but they will be pushed back to the second issue!)

i have received some of the most beautiful pieces of art i have ever seen, i absolutely love this. i am so excited to be able to create a community of rad human artists and creatives and give us a space to GROW as artists and as people! thank you for sharing your soul work with me!

“a monthly literary and art publication coming soon to a browser near you (and maybe even as a physical zine!)

The Home Brew is here to be creative cauldron of ideas. a place where the voices of those in the shadows can come together and meld into something magical.

i’m hoping to discuss topics such as:


mental health awareness

LGBTQ+ lifestyle

cozy witchcraft

modern poetry

mixed media/digital art


and whatever else we can come up with together”

all mediums are welcome! the submissions info is as follows:

• email me:

in the email – use the subject SUBMISSION – and include the following:

• who are you? (name, pronouns, passions, whatever you’d like everyone to know about you)

• what are you submitting? (is it a song? a poetry collection? a website? an entire soundcloud account/album? let me know) describe it!

• what’s your creative process like?

• what would you like to say about what you’re submitting

• links to promote you (blog, twitter handle, insta name, etc)

• something that makes you YOU! what is your passions what is your purpose what pushes you to create!

attach any links or files you’d like to be reviewed and anything else you’d like me to know.

let’s cultivate a space for art together 🌻


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weekly tarot (9/15/19 – 9/21/19)

welcome back theydies and gentlethems it’s that time of the week again. the time where we sit back and reflect on the week that has passed and plan for the next.

as you know, i like to do a tarot spread for the week ahead each week using the everyday witch tarot deck. i draw a three card spread for a goal, intention, and action for the week ahead. so let’s dive in:

goal: the sun

what a lovely card! a reminder to bask in the glow of the sun and enjoy the good moments in your life with those who are most important to you. as a goal, it seems as though the universe is telling me to focus on achieving my overall goals this week – the things i’m passion about – keeping up with my routines and habits and art. it’s also saying to remember to look on the bright side and take advantage of the good times. look to the sun this week for energy, strength, courage, and resilience!

intention: death

an ominous looking card, i do admit, but not always as frightening as you might think. as an intention, it’s all about cutting ties and releasing what no longer serves. wether it’s a person, an addiction, a job, or anything else – if it no longer serves your high purpose it’s time to let it go.

action: six of wands

success is wonderful, but don’t forget to thank those who helped you get there. i’m taking this as a positive sign. success is at my fingertips but my actions this week need to reflect the gratitude i feel towards those who have helped me grow. give back to your loved ones, remind them you appreciate them.


overall i think we’re looking at a beautiful week. i know i have a lot of work to do to keep this momentum, but it’s doable! and for that i am hopeful. i know i still have a lot of work to do towards my healing, growth, and recovery. but i’m doing better and taking steps everyday.

one day at a time 🌱


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tarot for the week ahead (8/25-8/31)

hello hello theydies and gentlethems !

how was your week? how are you feeling? have you had enough water? did you take your meds?

it’s another start to another beautiful week and we’re starting it off right this time – week ahead tarot, intentions, and affirmations.

i always use the everyday witch tarot deck and a three card spread to call guidance for a goal, some intentions, and some actions for the week!

goal: justice

intention: three of pentacles

action: the fool

i feel seen and validated by my cards.

cycles and circles and karma, oh my. i feel the end of the whirlwind coming and i feel blessed for this death and rebirth in my life.

may i be granted the strength to make it through this next week and balance the chips, however they end up falling.

my intention for the week came up as the three of pentacles – a card representative of cooperation and teamwork.

i feel like i’ve really solidified my family and my support system and i’m ready to see what magical creations we come up with together. i finally feel like i can place my trust in others. i no longer feel like i’m being emotionally manipulated at every turn. i trust MY circle.

and geez, the fool. as an action for the week? it’s gonna be a big one, folks.

time to take that leap of faith x


don’t forget! i always offer personal tarot readings for all my freelovingwitch bbies so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in!

love and light,


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chakra cleansing, healing, and realignment

hello theydies and gentlethems, i hope this start to your week is filled with joy and prosperity. today we’re going to be talking chakra healing and all that it entails!

but megan, what are ~chakras~?

well i’m so glad you asked.

to put it simply: the chakras are energy centers in the body. they run up the back of our spine and cycle our energies ranging from our roots to our connection with the divine. they’re what keep us balanced and centered.

there are plenty of methods to read or understand your chakras and how widely or tightly they’re rotating. i personally use my crystal pendulum and my tarot cards! and this is how i offer energy readings to others has well!

it’s always good to do a check in with your chakras — now what do i mean by that?

it’s good to take a step back and view our energy objectively. are we balanced? are we grounded? are we vibrating at the right frequency? it’s important to scan your body and energy every so often to keep yourself on track.

when our chakras are out of line it can throw everything off!

for instance, if your throat chakra is closed too tightly you much have difficulty expressing yourself, vocalizing your feelings, and communicating with other. or, if you solar plexus chakra is out of alignment you may feel discomfort in your abdomen, a lack of self-assurance, and and doubt in yourself.

so it’s important to keep an eye on everything.

don’t get discouraged if your chakras fall out of perfect sync — shit happens my friends and we’re always being thrown new obstacles to overcome. assessing our energy is the first way to heal our energy.

and now on to that — healing our energy.

once you’ve figured out how your wheels are spinning it’s time to help them out and keep them balanced.

each chakra center in the body has different methods of healing but here are some general insights.

recharge yourself with your crystals – cleansed crystals. pick out ones that help represent the areas you’re trying to enhance. meditate; preferably daily. seriously this one’s a lifesaver. if you take 15 minutes a day to sit and breathe and focus on your inner SELF they’re are so many benefits to it! clarity, insight, trust in yourself. it’s a beautiful thing. do some restorative yoga. research some poses to help you open your every and balance your mind and body.

there are an abundance of things that help keep us balanced and centered and the biggest thing I’ve learned over time is that every individual healing path is different. what you find relaxing and meditative may be a hassle to someone else. what balances you may throw someone else out of sync. trust your gut. trust your intuition. trust your SELF.

as always, if you’re looking for energy healing or tarot readings i’m always available for sessions!

love and light,


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tarot for the week ahead (6/2-6/8)

welcome back friends it’s that time again!

let’s take this time to really set an intention for not only the week, but this beautiful month that we have in front of us.

1. goal for the week: page of wands

⁃ it can be so intimidating to start something new, but if you’ve been waiting for a sign to go forth — this is it! take that next step or leap and don’t let fear hold you back. as a goal for the week it seems as though we should cast fear aside, take a deep breath, and start your new adventure. set some intentions! manifest!

2. focus (intention): the hermit

⁃ “alone is not the same as lonely” — wow does this intention really speak to me this week! the hermit reminds of the wisdom there is to found in silence. take a step back from the hectic day-to-day and focus on your inner voice for a while. calm your thoughts.

3. work (action): queen of cups

⁃ what a blessing of an image! truly serenity and feminine energy. this cup urges us to use our compassion and empathy on those around us. as action for the week make sure you’re staying open to the aide being offered by others and extend your hand when you have the opportunity!

what a lovely week we have ahead of ourselves! i really feel that spread resonates with me and maybe i’m putting way of my own energy into these spreads that’s they’re entirely too personalized to by on my blog but hey it’s MY blog buddy

ps if ever want me to do a personalized reading for you all you have to do is ask!

happy week theydies and gentlethems <3

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tarot for the week ahead: 5/12-5/19

it’s that time again! a simple three card spread for the week ahead! i always use the same template (goal, intentions, actions) and i use the “everyday witch” tarot deck! so let’s dive in:

1. goal for the week: seven of swords

– “it looks like shenanigans are afoot” this sign usually serves as a warning to stay on your guard. if something seems wrong, trust your intuition and the energy of the situation.

2. what i need to focus on (intentions): six of pentacles

– it’s always nice to receive, but sometimes giving can be even more rewarding. if you have enough to go around now is the time to SHARE. but don’t fret: if you feel as though you’re down or lacking right now there is no shame in asking for help

3. what i need to work on (actions): page of pentacles

– “i am eager to see what the future holds” so many options and so many paths that always lead to bright futures. put in some work on your own personal path this week and feel the benefits of your progress.

overall: i think we’re looking at a good week!

some goals to keep in mind – are you listening to your instincts? your intuition never lies, trust your gut if something seems off. take some time to give back this week. share your joy and accomplishments with those around you, celebrate success with those you love. and if you need help, never be afraid or ashamed to ask. work this week! on something your passionate about! maybe work on your manuscript or your online shop or pick up your sheet music and compose something new! you never know where your talent and passion will take you.

i’m excited for a busy and healing week and i hope you all are too.

if you ever want a personalized tarot spread feel free to ask!



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tarot for the week ahead (3/4/2019-3/10/2019)

happy monday theydies and gentlethems! don’t forget to work your hardest this week to make everyday your best day yet!

here’s our spread for the week ahead:

i’m honestly blown away by this spread — just the initial energy of the cards feels like a solid blessing ✨🌷

let’s see —

• goal for the week: nine of pentacles

⁃ the nine of pentacles is sign of success — either current or soon to come! celebrate your achievements and know that this card represents an accomplishment of your own merit. YOU did this. YOU made it here. YOU are the reason for your success and happiness. celebrate yourself. create your own little world and thrive.

• what to focus on (intention): page of cups

⁃ inspiration and creativity flow abundantly through the page of cups. if you’ve been stuck in a rut this is your sign to try a new craft, a new adventure. let your inspiration take you away and color your own world.

• what to work on (action): judgement

⁃ the judgement card has a way of being misunderstood (usually because of the original artwork of the rw deck*) but this card usually represents inner judgement and self-criticism. it’s a reminder to dance to your own tune — to make your own music — to go with your own flow. don’t let other peoples criticism, or your inner criticism, to weigh too heavily on you. this is a sign a renewal; rebirth.

an amazing insight into what could show up to be an amazing week.

take some time to step out of your comfort zone this week and try something new! maybe try a new craft or hobby — somewhere you can let your creative energy flow. let go of old grudges and hang ups and dance to your own beat. you made it. you accomplished the first part of your journey. now celebrate and keep pushing forward 💜💭

it seems to me that many blessings will be headed our way this week lovelies, keep your heads up and keep moving forward.

love and light,


original rider waite artwork*

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the week ahead tarot (2/11/19-2/18/19)

well it’s that time again — a peak into the week ahead as given by the everyday witch tarot deck and a personal week spread i put together.

(i know i haven’t been ~consistent~ with this but i’m trying again!)


• goal for the week: nine of cups — “success at last” or commonly known as the “wish card”. when appearing in a reading it always brings blessings. this week, you’ll either bask in the glow of a recent achievement or work your way to the top of a new one. but watch out for a boosted ego; the path continues and you always have more things to accomplish!

• what to focus on (intentions): the world — “success and celebration” a journey at its end. no matter what lies in your path – success is at the end of the road. when appearing as an intention card it may signify that this is your week to bask in the glow of your accomplishments!

• what to work on (actions): the sun — “let the sun shine in. it doesn’t get better than this” in the actions place in a reading this signifies a soul celebration. so celebrate. this is your time. YOU made it here. be PROUD.

general reflection—

wow. i have never, in all my years of practicing this craft, had a spread so powerfully in tune with itself. there is a very clear and direct message here and i’m astounded to have received it so brilliantly.

goddess bless.